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Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH) was set up in the year 1999 for spreading the essence of Indian heritage on a scientific, logical and rational basis. The Institute dares to unfold the mammoth cognition of Vedas – viz. science, tradition, spirituality, literature and technology – on a single platform. Over thousands years back, these Vedic knowledge and wisdom were conceived by the ancient Indian sages.

Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH) was founded on an auspicious day of Sravana Pournami in August 1999. The Institute is an officially registered charitable trust (328/99/iv), declared on the same year. Since then, IISH is actively involved in teaching ultra modern scientific and technological method on the foundations of ultra ancient heritage of Bharath (India).

Main Areas of Studies

IISH is not only involved in exploring the past of India, but also focuses on the nation’s current and future progress.

The ancient resources (applicable to the modern world), and the major areas of focus (pertinent to the modern mankind) are science, technology, spiritualism, sociology, anthropology, and management.

The six branches of Vedic subjects or Vedangas (Siksha, Nirukta, Vyaakarana, Chandassastra, Kalpasaastra and Jyothisha) and Upavedas or pure science (Athassaathra,  Dhanurveda, Gaandharva veda and Ayurveda) are specifically emphasized in the syllabi. Besides, the Vedas (shrutis), and the epics like Puranas (smritis) are also taught here.

Access to Resources

IISH is actively involved in different media publications. Various invaluable research documents and resources are disseminated through books, brochures, pamphlets, periodicals, online texts, films, DVDs, etc.

IISH also organizes local, national and international level seminars, workshops, exhibitions, education tours for taking the Indian heritage and culture to every part of the world.

Other Philanthropic Involvements

IISH is also involved in various service oriented work like aiding poor and aged; sick and disabled; via its Sevanam Samarpanam projects. It also prepares curriculum based syllabus for various schools worldwide.

The Institute believes in imparting pure knowledge by eradicating various superstitions from the minds of both literate and illiterate population in the world. IISH also vindicates the authenticity of Indian rituals, customs, and traditions by publishing medical research reports.

IISH believes in the fact that once various fallacies and superstitions (duracharas and anaacharas) are uprooted from the society, only pure scientific acharas (based on sadacharas) will prevail around us. This will also bring out the correct picture of the Indian heritage to the world.


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