India – A Civilization The World Fails To Recognise

What is the greatest treasure that India has bestowed to the world?

Ahimsa or non violence, it is the weapon of the strong.

Nitin Mehta’s book ‘India – A Civilization The World Fails To Recognize’ explores the power of non violence and much more through its pages. The book traces Indian History from the beginning of human civilization to the present day Indian diaspora. India… the name conjures up many images. Most of them negative. However there is an amazing, incredible India. While many much more smaller countries are consumed by violence and civil wars, India remains a vibrant and stable democracy. It is an outstanding example of how people can co-exist in the midst of immense diversity. From the earliest astronomers and scientists of this great land to the visionaries of today, Nitin Mehta examines the impact on the modern world and asks the questions we would all like answers to.

Published by Educreation, the book provides a keen perspective on the glory of India through the ages.

About the author

Nitin Mehta, MBE, was born in Kisumu, Kenya. He speaks fluent Swahili, Gujarati, Hindi and Punjabi. As soon as he was old enough to understand that, by heritage, he was Indian, he became fascinated with the land of his forefathers. At the age of eight, his parents took him to India. His impressions of India left a mark on him which continues to this day. He travels frequently to India. When he moved to the UK at a young age, Nitin delved deep into the philosophical and spiritual wisdom of India. Nitin is author of following books: Sunil’s Kenya Days, Easy Gujarati, A request to the people of India from the vegetarians of the world and Benefits of Vegetarianism to Africa. He has received awards for making a significant contribution to the city of London and an award for services to the community from British government.