Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences

About ISVS

Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences (ISVS) was established by Shreekantji Maharaja in the year 1995 to spread various philosophies and principles of Vedic scriptures. ISVS upholds the ancient learning system of Vedic Sciences and encourages its application through various research programs. The Institute works on the parameters and guidelines once set by H.H Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaja, popularly known as Shree amongst his disciples. Shree was the father of Shreekantji Maharaja.

Located amid the serene environment of Shivpuri Ashram, ISVS excels in exploring different areas of Vedic Sciences. One of the major projects of ISVS is its ongoing research on various aspects of Agnihotra, an interesting concept of Vedic Science. The teachings and philosophy of ISVS is based on Pancha Sadhan Marg envisioned by Shree and propagated by his disciples.

Today, ISVS centers are opened all across Indian and world. Hundreds of volunteers are involved in spreading the message of Universal Brotherhood and Peace around the globe.

About Vishwa Foundation

ISVS is a sister concern of Vishwa Foundation, which flourished under the auspices of Shree Gajanan Maharaja.

ISVS aims towards providing sustainable solutions for the major challenges faced by the Indian civilization presently. Vishwa Foundation has gained prominence in the following areas –

  • Sustaining Hindu traditions of Maha Somayajnya, Agnihotra teaching, and Go Shala/Cow farms;
  • Disseminating environmental protection methods;
  • Offering free education facility;
  • Providing medical aid and free food facility to the needy and poor;

Area of Focus

Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences (ISVS) specifically propagates the following Vedic Science subjects and their applications in modern day lives –

  • Yajnya
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

ISVS believes that all problems related to the modern day lives have only one logical resort, i.e. relearning the teachings of the Vedas and disseminating the knowledge provided in the ancient scriptures. Preserved in these invaluable scriptures are the proper solutions for solving current situations related to the environment and ecology.

At present, the volunteers are working extensively on various ecological projects. To name a few –

  • Air Purification,
  • Organic Farming,
  • Holistic Healthcare,
  • Interpersonal relationships,
  • Environment,
  • Mental health,
  • Rural empowerment, and
  • Research in Vedic Philosophy.

ISVS is conducts various seminars and workshops on Agnihotra, Pancha Sadhan Marg and Vedic Sciences, amongst which Agnihotra is the most prominent. Agnihotra is a fire sacrifice performed with chanting Sanskrit mantras and offering rice, smeared with ghee, unto the holy fire, set on a copper vessel filled with cow dung. ISVS also organizes spiritual events like Shree Paduka Yatra and Somayaga across India.


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