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The International Vedanta Society (IVS) is purely a spiritual organization and was formed on the 19th of November 1989 by the will of the Divine which manifested through Bhagavan. Based on the essence of the Upanishads, The Society aims in spreading the message of Vedanta – the spiritual science to each and every door.

Commencing its journey from Guwahati the north-eastern part of India, the Society has within a short span spread to different corners of the country and also touched many hearts abroad. Preaching the life giving message of Vedanta, IVS has transformed innumerable lives who are now rejuvenated with the light of hope, self-confidence and love. Realisation of the Self is the key note of IVS. Its members and well-wishers strive continuously to emit the fragrance of eternal Love and Bliss.

The International Vedanta Society (IVS) solicits one and all irrespective of any caste, creed, sex or religion. IVS doesn’t stress on worshipping any particular God or Goddess. It believes that the all powerful resides within everyone and this omnipresent is known as Ishwara or God.

IVS doesn’t speak of any rights for men or women because the society believes that everyone is born with their own rights. The task is only to make them aware about it. And the medium of serving this ideology is love.

IVS doesn’t give any preferences to Sanyasis (Monks) or householders. The society wishes to let every individual manifest their inherent divinity within. IVS believes that only Vedanta can change the trouble-tormented situation of the present day world. And that must come through love and IVS is spreading the message of Unity and love. IVS appeals everyone to perform some benevolent activities every day. Each one of us has a role to play. Let everyone play his own role.

About Bhagwan Ji (Guru)

Amidst the dusty storm of worldly desires full of frustration, cruelty and corruption, Bhagavan, the Supreme Lord has descended – the embodiment of Truth, Supreme Knowledge and Divine Love. Born on 3rd January, 1942, the life of Bhagavan stands out singularly in the world of Spirituality – a life which witnesses the wonderful amalgamation of a heart which loves to engulf the whole mankind. This wonderful love for humanity inspired Bhagavan to pioneer many social welfare activities with His friends and fellow-men right from His childhood. His mind full of quest for truth led Him to various fields wherein his inherent zeal, endeavor and sincerity Bhagavan reached heights. But observing the divergence of words and actions and compromise with ideals Bhagavan renounced all achievements and grandeurs and His search continued. This search led Bhagavan to the holy feet of Swami Pabitranandaji Maharaj. Here, yet again, Bhagavan stood out as an unparallel example. He was not fortunate enough to sit under the feet of His Guru (Master) and listen to the words of the world beyond. But this could not let Him down. Bhagavan contemplated on the invaluable letters which His beloved Guru wrote to Him from far off Purulia and Janai(West Bengal, India) to Guwahati where Bhagavan was residing then. The letters continued the essence of the highest philosophy of Advaita Vedanta (Non Dualism), the Ajatavada or the Birthlessness. Gradually Bhagavan immersed Himself in the depths of those letters.

With the passage of time the thirst for truth increased. In order to realize the Supreme Self Bhagavan then took seven days casual leave from the Railways and began immense austerity. His process of austerity was to look at the source of all thoughts. This process came from within. And on the very third day, on the 15th of December, 1984, Bhagavan sank into the depths of Nirvikalpa Samadhi – Realisation of the Supreme Self. The gates of eternal peace and Bliss were flung open.

The next two years saw Bhagavan fully absorbed in the Supreme. It was a missing link in His life. But the year 1987 brought in a landmark in the life of Bhagavan. It saw the descendence of Mahabhava(Supreme Godhood) in Bhagavan, one of the rarest phenomenon’s of the spiritual world. This turned His life topsy-turvy. Bhagavan became “Insane Divine”. His body was then looked after by His devotees who came to Him. The descendence of Mahabhava and the inherent love and empathy for mankind brought back Bhagavan amidst the world of manifoldness. This forced Bhagavan to push aside His own Peace and Bliss and he began to inspire men and women, youths and old alike and helped them to have a taste of the Supreme Bliss.

Gradually people from various walks of life got attracted to Bhagavan with His fiery and bold words of realization amalgamated with Divine Love went on infusing spirituality in everyone who came in contact with Him. His words and silence, love and rebuke, touch and vision and even His thoughts made His loved ones sink in the depths of Self Realization.

The life and words of Bhagavan – the truth and love incarnate is a shelter for innumerable ones who are tired due to the scorching heat of life. They pause, sit down, rest, drink the nectar of divine love and get prepared to lead a life of truth, love and selflessness. The tired and weary come to Him to return with confidence, hope and life.

Bhagavan has created a new civilization, gifting the world His Sadhana – His Twelve Divine Commands. He is still staying in Kolkata and liberating people at will and carrying mankind from animosity to humanity and from humanity to divinity.


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