Languages of Haryana

Languages of Haryana

Languages of Haryana: The Haryana state of India is one of the prime cultural states of India. According to the History, this state is a Kuru region’s part, which comes within the Northern India.

The name of the Haryana state has been founded during the twelfth century through the famous writer Vibudh Shridhar, he has written the Apabhramsha.

The border of this state is connected to the Himachal Pradesh state and Punjab state on the northern side and it has been connected to the Rajasthan state on the southern and western side.

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The religious River Yamuna specifies the Haryana state’s eastern side border within the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This state has been stretched on Delhi’s surrounding; it has been covered three side of the Delhi.

It has discovered the western, northern and southern borders of state Delhi. The major regional part of this state has been covered in the National Capital Ragion.

Haryana state’s capital city is Chandigarh, this capital city is known as Union Territory, Chandigarh is also a Punjab state’s capital.

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The meaning of the Haryana is ‘Reside place of God’; the name has been derived from the Sanskrit language Hari means Lord Vishnu and ayana means home.

Haryanvi Language (Languages Of Haryana)

Haryanvi, also known as Bangru, is the northernmost dialect of the Hindi language. It is most widely spoken in the North Indian state of Haryana, and in Delhi.

According to linguistic research, Haryanvi is very similar to Braj Bhasha and has 65% lexical similarity with the Bagri language. The term Haryanvi is also used for people from Haryana.

Geographical distribution Of Languages Of Haryana

Haryanvi is exclusively spoken in various districts of Haryana. The people in the districts of Bhiwani, Sonipat and Rohtak speak the popular form of Haryanvi.

The dialect spoken in central District Jind is the standard form of Haryanvi, however some linguists think that the language of Bhiwani and Rohtak is the standard form as it is influenced by all different variations of the language.

The districts adjoining Rajasthan speak different dialects with a Rajasthani intelligibility like Mewati in Mewat district, Ahirwati language of Ahirs in Mahendragarh, Narnaul, Gurgaon and Rewari districts.

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Bagri (which has high lexical similarity with Haryanvi dialects to the west) in southern parts of Fatehabad, Bhiwani, southern and western parts of Sirsa and Hisar districts. Haryanvi language has a reputation of power.

History and Origin

Haryanvi language was the original language of Aryans 1500 BC.

Haryanvi language provided the basic foundation to Sanskrit. Subsequently, Turkish and Persian intruder came to India they developed modern Hindi language with combination of Persian on the foundation of Haryana language. Haryanvi language provided foundation to many Indian languages.

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However, Haryanvi language sustains itself with less influence of the languages of foreign arrivals. Many deep rooted words are still similar in Haryanvi and Finnish language like Panna (to wear) Pallela (Cold) Olla (to be), Minu (to me) Tinu (to you) Me (We) Te (you) etc.

Similarity between Haryanvi and Finnish language shows some old relationship between these two languages. However, there is no evidence of any historical link between India and Finland.