Languages of Madhya Pradesh


A Land of Legendary Past it has a thick forest cover and the countryside is sparsely populated. M.P with its magnificent pink cliffs, wild waters, architectural ruins and paintings made in rock shelters, illustrates the fact that the history of the state goes back half a million years. Holding most of India’s mineral deposits, it also houses two of India’s best National Parks – Kanha and Bandhavgarh. M.P. echoes with the history of great heroes, who left behind them breathtaking masterpieces of Indian architecture. It is a destination with a legendary past, and its temple architecture and awesome landscape of ravines and mountains are a sight to behold. This is a wonderland.

Traditional Languages of Madhya Pradesh

The state of Madhya Pradesh has an array of races, tribes, castes and communities. People in the northern part of the state mostly belong to the Aryan race while a large chunk of the southern and eastern portion of the state is occupied by several tribal groups.

Though Madhya Pradesh acted as the rocking cradle of many dynasties across various phases of history, it is conspicuously Indo-Aryan in nature. Most of the people here are followers of Hinduism and Hindi is the main and official language of the state. Spoken by a chunk of the population, Hindi also helps to unify the diversified cultural and historical background of the people here. Apart from Hindi, many other Indian languages and dialects are also prevalent all over the state.

Among other languages in Madhya Pradesh, Urdu is predominantly spoken in the capital city of Bhopal, Kurwai and Buhranpur. Urdu is chiefly spoken in those sections of Madhya Pradesh that are mainly dominated by communities belonging to the Muslim religion. It uses the assistance of the Nasta’liq scripts in writing.

Among other languages in Madhya Pradesh a unique blend of the Hindi and the Urdu is also used by the inhabitants as a verbal means of communication. It is an extremely polite dialect that quite often uses words like ‘Aap’ and ‘Janab’ to greet people.

Although Hindi is the mother tongue of the residents of Madhya Pradesh but some variations and modifications of the language is made by certain communities to make it even more amiable to the ears. Some of these deviations are:-

  • Malvi spoken in Malwa
  • Nimadi spoken in Nimar
  • Bundeli in Bundelkhand
  • Bagheli along with Avadhi that is predominant in Bagelkhand

Among other languages in Madhya Pradesh, Gondi, Katlo, Bhili are all primarily spoken by tribal mass. Marathi is also regarded as a prominent dialect remotely spoken in Madhya Pradesh.

Among the eminent artists/poets produced by the state are Shri Makhan Lal Chaturvedi, Ustad Allauddin Khan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Hari Shankar Parsai, Sharad Joshi, Gajanan Madhav Mukti Bodh and Vinod Kumar Shukla.

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