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Motilal Banarsidass (MLBD) is a leading Indian publishing house on Sanskrit and Indology since 1903, located in Delhi, India. It publishes and distributes serials, monographs, and scholarly publications on Asian religion, philosophy, history, culture, arts, architecture, archaeology, language, literature, linguistics, musicology, mysticism, yoga, tantra, occult, medicine, astronomy, astrology and other related subjects, and to date have published over 5,000 works.

Its noted publications are the 100 volumes of the Mahapuranas, Sacred Books of the East (50 Volumes) edited by Max Müller; Bibliotheca Buddhica (30 Volumes in 32 pts); Ramcharitmanas with Hindi and English translation, the Manusmriti in ten volumes and the Sanskrit lexicon, and Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (7 volumes). It also brings out books based on research and study conducted at organisations such as ICHR, IGNCA, ICCR and so on.

Some Authors at MLBD

Manju Nahata

Light Miller

Harendra Prasad Sinha

Paul Brunton

Pratap Chauhan

Christina M. Puchalski / Betty Ferrell

Bhikshu Jagdish Kashyap

Warwick Jessup / Elena Jessup

V. S. Apte

Kedardutt Joshi

David Frawley

Paul Brunton

Arthur Avalon

K. Ramakrishna Rao / Sonali Bhatt Marwaha


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