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Modern education for the Modern Age is the current slogan for the present world poised to enter the realm of new knowledge society.

However, it should be recognized that the scope and content of knowledge that is relevant to the objective of improving the human welfare are much more diversified and wider than what the present education system provide.

If we perceive the personality of mankind in a holistic frame work, we discover that it is a harmonious blend of materialistic aspirations and spiritualistic aptitudes. Further, we often observe that collapse of peace and harmony in the present day society is caused by the failure of our education system in providing opportunities for understanding the role of “values” in molding the behavior of the individuals in a society. We should therefore recognize that there is an urgent need for creating new Institutions of Education and learning which preserve and foster a new philosophy of life which focuses on peace, social harmony and human welfare.

Vedas are the reservoir of knowledge and wisdom that have great relevance to the contemporary society, which is ridden with conflicts and strife’s.

H.H. Sri Vignananidhi Theertha Swamiji pontiff Sri Sripadaraja mutt had organized three National Conferences on Vedic Sciences under the banner of National Institute of Vedic Science which were attended by  a large number of reputed Scholars of both traditional and modern  vintage i.e. scholars Scientists and it was resolved  in that conference that there is need for setting up of a Vedic Sciences University, which will take up the task of preserving on fostering the age old system of Vedic recitations and also of propagation of  the profound Scientific knowledge system contained in the vast Vedic literature. It is in this background reiterating its commitment to this noble cause. NIVS at its Board meeting decided to set up NIVS Vedic Science University. As a first step the High powered working groups with Dr.V.R.Panchamukhi, as President of NIVS and a team of Vedic Science specialists and technocrats have been formed to take positive action in this regard.


Vedas are the reservoir of scientific knowledge and wisdom, which have great relevance to the different aspects of life. They have come to us through the rich tradition of oral communication from the Guru to the Shishya in the frame work of Guru Shishya Parampara. It has been acknowledge that Vedic literature contains reflections on not only the materialistic nature literature done both in India and aboard have amply demonstrated that Vedas are  the sources of  fundamental scientific knowledge relevant to the mankind as a whole.

The word Veda comes from the verb “Vid-Jnane”, which means “to know”. The Philosophy of life presented in the Vedic literature has great relevance to the present day society, which is ridden with a number of conflicts and contradictions. Both traditional and the modern scholars of Vedas have thought that Vedic literature is the most fundamental source for an appropriate philosophy of life. It is pronounced that ““.

Profound fund of knowledge contained in the Vedas and Agamas is very much relevant to the needs of contemporary society, in as much as, it contains the basic perceptions on the subjects of modern sciences as, Mathematics and Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry, Medical and Technical, Earth, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences and  Management. The message of the Vedas in regard to universal fraternity, mutual understanding and philosophy of humanism is going to last forever and will continue to enriching the human mind for all time to come. Hence, an in depth study of the Vedas on scientific lines is a must, particularly for fostering mutual social harmony and Global understanding & Ancient Indian Scientific society.

The Vedas, as is well known, are the fountain head of India’s timeless tradition and ancient culture. There are the very bases of Indian philosophy, ethics and art and they express the intuitive experience of the realized souls. Couched in magnificent poetry, the Vedic hymns take us into the realm of Bliss Eternal.  The message of the Vedas is essentially one of peace and harmony and they extol life in full measure.

The depth of the knowledge found in the Vedas in regard to several fields of modern Science such as Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Biology and Botany has been greatly appreciated by number of Scientists in India and abroad.  Vedic Mathematics of solving number of complex mathematical problem given in the Vedic Literature has been acclaimed to be profound and significant.    Vedic philosophy of life with methods of managing oneself with what we had with full satisfaction as against the growing consumerism of present times is of great relevance in the contemporary Society.

Oral transmission of huge literature of the Vedas in India- specific and unheard of in any part of the World. It is oral tradition of Vedic learning which preserved the entire Vedic lore intact without any change whatsoever even up to a letter-level.  It may be noted that the UNESCO has organized this special characteristic of Vedic studies and declared oral tradition of Vedic studies as intangible world heritage.

As already stated, in the curriculum of modern education in which the focus on career making subjects,   there is no scope for Vedic studies however elevating and useful they are to the mankind to promote a peaceful orderly civil society.  However, for an understanding of the profundity of Indian thought a study of the Vedas is imperative.

As we observe mankind is passing through a critical phase today.  Lack of peace, absence of mutual harmony and mutual love characterizes life in the different parts of the World.  It is now the appropriate time to make mankind aware of the wisdom based on the knowledge that is contained in the Vedic literature.  Sir Richard Livingstone, the noted educationalist once said that “Modernity is not a question of Chronology; it is a question of outlook’.  Viewed from this point of view, Vedic Sciences are relevant for, all ages because of the eternal values they preach and the universal appeal they make.  From another point of view also they are relevant in the sense that there is nothing sectarian or dogmatic in them.

The committee is convinced that the objective of preservation of Vedic lore, getting formal recognition to the Scholars of this lore and also to bring out the relevance of Vedic knowledge system and the wisdom to the contemporary world, there is need for a well structured and robust organization in the framework of University system.  .

The Committee also felt that the absence of a University level recognition to a large number of traditional and modern Veda-pathshalas has done significant damage to the cause of preserving this intangible world heritage of India.  The Vedic science University with power to affiliate a number of colleges and also with an ambience with modern facilities and comprehensive exposure to the body of the intellectual in the World as a whole would eminently fulfill the long felt need for such an Institution.


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