Revisiting The Educational Heritage of India – Sahana Singh

Sahana Singh’s new book “Revisiting the Educational Heritage of India” is now available for pre-ordering in Inda.

The book gives a wealth of information about the ecosystem of learning in Ancient India with its world-class educational centers.
It delves into the Guru-Shishya relationship and the ethos of Brahmacharya.
It gives you insights into the memory-training methods of the times which contributed to giant memories and describes the educational games that people enjoyed. The story of the knowledge revolution that emanated from India is recounted in great detail.

The author takes readers on a journey across time as the educational system unraveled during the foreign invasions followed by colonization. She also outlines steps that can be taken today to incorporate the most relevant aspects of ancient learning systems into the current structure of school and university education. Order your copy today. If you are outside India, you will need to wait a little longer.

The book is available on

Revisiting The Educational Heritage of India

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