Shree Ateetha Ashram


“Atheetha” means “that which lies beyond everything.”

It signifies the “transcendent reality”, the Divine Truth, the Truth of this Creation, or the Mystery of the Self, that which is hidden beyond the visible, which true seekers aspire to discover. Sri Atheetha Ashram was established by Sri. Swami Sahajanandha in 1988. Swamiji was a disciple of the well known Advaita Vedanta Teacher, Pujya Sri Swami Chinmayanandha.

He envisioned the ashram to be a centre for self knowledge alongwith the awareness of Yoga and Holistic way of living. He was lushly inspired by Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharishi of Tiruvanammalai. He studies the system Arhatic Yoga from Master Choa Koka Sui of Phillippines and advocated healing and holistic way of living to help people and to make seekers fit for spiritual sadhana.

The sylvan landscape on the banks of Ubbanur Lake, with its abundant greenery and rich flora and fauna, maintains a soothing ambience and provides a calm and serene atmosphere in the Ashram. After Swamiji, the Ashram is now maintained by a dedicated board of trustees consisting of Ma Samarpanaa, Swami Sampurna, Swami Bodhi Vardhan (Mr. Damodharan) and Mrs. Thirumala.


  • Ramanarin Upadesasaram (Tamil)
    Transcribed from talks given by Swami Sahajananda
    Compiled by Ma Atheetha
  • Health and Happiness – Poojya Sri Swami Sahajananda
    Compiled and Edited by Robert W. Zeuner
  • Holistic Living – Be in tune with Nature
  • Basics of Health
    Transcribed, Edited and Translated from talks given by Swami Sahajananda
    Compiled by Swami Ananthananda
  • Valzhkai Kalai (Tamil)
    By Poojya Sri Swami Sahajananda
    Compiled By swami Ananthananda
  • Mulumaiyana Valzhkai Murai (Tamil)
  • Sahaja Smriti – The Early Days
    The Life and Times of Sri Swami Sahajananda
    Written by Swami Anantananda
  • Bhagawath Geethai – Oru Dharisanam by Osho
    Translated in Tamil by Smt. Rajalakshmi
    Volumes 3 – 15
  • Baja Govindam by Osho (Tamil)
  • Homa Manthras (English, Tamil)
    Published by Atheetha Ashram


Near Ubanoor Lake
Hosur (Via), Krishnagiri Dist
Thally 635118
Tamil Nadu

+91 . 4347 . 294511


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