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In order to spread knowledge to one and all at very basic cost, His Holiness Gurumauli raised this division in September 2001. It first started printing the 10×15 size and graduated to the 23×36 size in March 2002, the time when Shree Gurupeeth also began publishing the Swami Sewa monthly magazine. With the increased technical support, this division shifted in a new building in September 2004. Soon, printing began on the imported Heildelberg machine. Until 2003, the Sewa Marg had about 30 publications in Marathi, out of which 20 were written by Sadguru Moredada. His Holiness Gurumauli got devotees to voluntarily write these texts in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Bangla, among other languages taking the number of publications to over 72.
Param Poojaniya Guru Shree Annasaheb More favored all of us by way of various printed material, Books and guidelines. These Holy books and Printed material is introduced by Akhil Bharatiya Shree Swami Sewa and Adhyatmik Vikas Kendra Dindori. The honorable guidance of SadGuru Shree Anna Saheb is available for all needy persons who are suffering from various hurdles, problems (physical as well mental). This guidance is favored by way of various Holy Books, Hymns, Canticles and various worships of Spiritual powers, God and Goddesses. Information of Virtues. Spiritual sciences, Ayurved, various remedies, antidotes, solutions are also given in these valuable books. These guidelines are useful for social relationships, spiritual progress of masses various class of society. (Right from farmers to Traders, Industrialists, Service class etc.) Also these most prestigious guidelines narrated in various books are useful for proper breeding of kids. This valuable and detailed information is available in printed form. This is a noble work. Hence while deciding the price factor by Shree Tryambakeshwar Gurukul Peeth’s Printing Department, “no profit no loss” principle is applied. The cardinal intention behind this is, to make this material available to the lowest, downtrodden, oppressed and distressed class. Development of downtrodden class in all respect is the prime intention of SadGuru Shree Anna Saheb Following printed material and Books owned by ShreeSwami Sewa Marg Dindori is available at all Dindori Sewa Kendras.


1) Shree Swami Charitra Saaramurat (Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujrathi, Tamil, Kannad)

2) Shree Durga Saptashati

3) Tejonidhi

4) Shree Gurucharitra

5) Dnyandaan Part 1

6) Nityasewa, Stotra, & Mantra

7) Shree Yadnya Vidhi Part 1

8) Amrut Kalash Baal Sanskar

9) Vivah Sanskar

10) Kshatra Dharama

11) Marathi Sanskruti, Marathi Asmita

12) Gharguti Aayurved

13) Krushi Visheshanka

14) Shrimad Bhagwat

15) Kabir Mahatmya

16) Malhari Mahatmya

17) Shri Swami Sewa Magazine

18) Shree Bhuvaneshwari Bhukamp Shanti Yantra Poojan

19) Sewa Bhawan Shankaraachi

20) Geetai

21) Manaache Shlok

22) VishnuSahastraNaam

23) Pyramid, Pendulum Information Book

24) Amrutdhara

25) Dinadarshika

26) Dainandini

27) Hindu Dharma

28) Shree Swami Samartha Panchang

Cassette and C.Ds

1) Hitaguj Part 1 to 3

2) Nitya Sewa Cassette and C.D

3) Marathi Asmita

4) Shrddhanjali

5) Baal Sanskar Part 1

6) Jap Unit,


1) Shree Swami Charitra Saraamrut: – Shree Swami Charitra Saraamrut is a very prime Grantha (Holy Book) of Shree Swami Sewa Marg (Path). It is considered as customary part of daily worship. Various selected miracles, marvels; wonders are included in this memorial and eternal Book. If we read this book repeatedly for 108 times our wishes and desires get fulfilled. Also we obtain heavenly blessing of Shree Swami Samartha. There are total 21 chapters mentioned in this Book. Every worshiper, devotee is advised to read three chapters every day. (In case of any difficulty at least 1 chapter must be read.)This book is available in Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarat, Kenned and various other regional languages at Dindori Center.

2) Shree Durga SaptaShti: – Shree Durga SaptaShati is a Granth (Holy Book that is directly narrated by Goddess Bhagwati to Sage Shree Maarkandeya. The place selected for this narration was Mountain Saptashrungi (District Nasik). This Book consists of 700 stanzas (Oovees) Therefore this place is famous as Saptashrung. Param Pujya Shree More Dada has taken an initiative and published this Divine Book at Dindori Darbar. This is a noble favor to all worshipers and devotees. Many people face various difficulties viz. hurdle in deciding marriages, hurdles getting issues, various unseen hurdles due to residential architectural defects etc. When we make a habit to read this book regularly and repeatedly, we get a divine solution on those hurdles. We get mental peace, calmness and tranquility. Also if the book is read collectively, then the place, village, city and even Nation get benefited against calamities. Detailed information of SaptaShati Granth, its reading rules and formalities are described in this Book, which is published by Shree Swami Sewa Marg, Dindori. This Grantha (Book) is available in Sanskrit and in Marathi both.

3) Tejonidhi: – This book is not merely a biographical book of Pujaniya SadGuru More Dada, but it is a deliverance of pious words flow. This book is noble informative in respect of Shree Swami Samarth Sewa Marg. There is sacred advice for all worshipers who have accepted this path. Consecrated information is given about the Origin and incarnations of this path. Origin of this path is God Shree Dattatreya. (Virtual combination of Shree Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh) Incarnations of God Dattatreya are Param poojaniya Shreepad ShreeVallabh; Shree Nrusiha Saraswati, Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj, Shree Pithale Maharaj, SadGuru Shree More Dada. Detailed information about this path is elaborated in this book. For the interest of all worshipers and devotees information about Param Poojaniya SadGuru Shree More Dada in respect of his birthplace, childhood is mentioned. Spiritual events such as Param Poojaniya SadGuru More Dada’s first assignment with his SadGuru, his earnest devotion towards SadGuru, and his spiritual travel are also narrated in this book. Even worshipers feel high honor to see the hand written words script of Shree Dada. This book consists with various spiritual advices delivered by SadGuru Shree More Dada. If we study this book religiously, we can possess high-level qualities of worshiper and devotee. Devotee will feel himself incomplete in this path if he does not study the book.

4) Shree Guru Charitra: – This Sacred Granth (Volume) is treated as 5th Veda. (As per our Hindu mythology, there are four Vedas. It is an eternal fact that Vedas (Volumes) are created by Almighty itself and presented to mankind for pious betterment of every living and non-living part of the universe. These Veda’s are 1) RugVed, 2) YajurVed, 3) AatharvaVed and 4) SaamVed). Shree Guru Charitra is consists of biography and some miracles of God Shree Dattatraya, Shree Shreepad Shreevallabh, Shree Nrusiha Saraswati If we read this scripture regularly and repeatedly Shree Datta Guru himself dissolves our sorrows, worries and misfortunes. We get utmost peace and joy in our life. Even the place where we read this volume becomes pious place. Shree Datta Guru prefers to keep his holy presence in that place. It is advisable that in every family there should be religious reading of this volume every month (In case of any difficulty at least three readings in a year are advisable.)

5) Dnyandaan Part 1 to 4: – Every year, Shree Swami Samarth Sewa Marg Sansthan prints one special issue. This special issue connotes the heritage and prime understandings of Hindu culture. Various articles of experts are published in this issue, which specifies various ways of worships; Descriptions of various sciences such as Architecture, Numerology, Astrology, Ways and solutions to encounter various hurdles, black magic etc are also discussed in this issue. This Special issue is worth collective and informative for spiritual, religious and materialistic life.

6) Nitya Sewa Stotra & Mantras :- (Daily worships and services to be rendered by devotee) This Book consists of various guidelines for devotees in respect of his /her daily stipulated services and chronology of prayers verses, chanting, prayer beads etc. Every devotee is supposed to extend certain services. These guidelines are helpful to the devotee. This book in important to every one (students to elder persons), because the memorial information in respects Hindu religion, God, Goddess, verses, method of worship etc are made available. Various prayers having poetic forms (Aarti) are also included in this Book.

7) Shree Yadnya Vidhi: – “[Yadnya” concept is highly acknowledged in our spiritual rites. This is a form of worship. In Hindu culture Agni (Fire) is recognized as an ambassador and messenger of Gods and Goddess. Agni (Fire) performs a duty of a link in between earth and heaven. In Yadnya Vidhi (Process) Worshiper or a person who owns this rite prepares a decorated plinth covered by frame of bricks. (Yadnya Kund). Then he puts pieces of wood, chips and splinters of selected trees in that Yadnya Kund. . Under utterance of Mantras and verses a fire is to be set. Then after many pious substances such as food, ghee, rice, wheat, sandal wood chips and pieces are poured in that fire. This process is treated as most effective process to have a contact with God, Goddesses and spiritual powers. ] “Shree Yadnya Vidhi Part 1” book is very much collective book. In this book the detailed information of this process is given. With the help of this book worshiper/devotee can perform this pious rite on hi own. Yadnya Vidhi (process) is elaborated in mythological form as well in Marathi language also. Various ingredients, parts, designs, graphs, diagrams are drawn for a common person for his understanding and using it for his study purpose and to perform the process. Important pictures, photos are also given (Shree Ganesh, Matruka, Vastu, Yogini, Chandi Kalash, Sarvatobhadra, Brahma, Kshetrapaal, NavGraha, Rudra, etc) for worshiper’s ritual’s use.

8) Amrutkalash :- (Baal Sanskar) Regardful and proper breeding of kids is a part of our culture. Param Poojaniya SadGuru More Dada says that when child takes birth, it is in a similar form of bulk of mud. When its mother, father and elders makes proper efforts for it’s breeding then a small child takes a shape of model human being. In the absence of proper breeding evil becomes devil.” To achieve this noble target, elders must decide the proper way of breeding of a kid. Elders should decide the routine timetable and daily activities of their kids. Various chants, Verses, prayers, worships must be taken as a part of routine. This enhances the brilliance and gives the proper direction to the glaring future of kid. Cultural nurturing gives strength to the bright development. Various stories of Saints Sages, Spiritual powers, teach how to adopt humble attitude and eternal faith.

9) Vivah Sanskar (Structure of Marriage ceremony and its importance): –  Hindu culture emphasis that Marriage ceremony is not only a contract of male and female to reside together and give a birth to a child or to enjoy physical relationship only. But Hindu culture says that it is a contract and contact of blood-to-blood and mind-to-mind. It is a social agreement. It is merely not for fulfillment of physical lust. It is our faith that marriages are settled in heaven. Cardinal intention of marriage is to perform a duty imparted by Almighty. Contribution in creation of new strong, healthy and spiritual generation is a duty and responsibility of married couple. To reside together of ever and to serve the elders and all needy persons is the target imparted by Almighty. That’s why our marriage ceremony undergoes with many rites. These rites are set by our Supreme sages and spiritual powers. Every rite has got its own significance. Every rite is having a deep sense in respect of science and heritage. Our culture is based on four manliness concepts. 1) Religion (Dharma), 2) Wealth (Artha) 3) Physical relationship of Male and Female (Kaam) and Salvation, Deliverance or Emancipation (Moksha) Marriage concept is embodied to put a social control and binding on a sensitive issue of sex i.e. physical relationship of man and women. In Hindu marriage ceremony, Bride and Bridegroom undertake various promises and oaths to perform the religious duties imposed by our heritage and culture and Almighty. Now days we are not serious or aware about these rites since we do not know the logical, social and scientific meaning and importance of these rites. Most of us become a blind follower of western culture. “Viwah Sanskar” is a book, which gives the underlined information in respect of various rites and its logical, social and scientific meaning. It is advisable to every Hindu family to posses this book and study the contents. This will help every one to perform a marriage ceremony in a very significant and joyful way.

10) Kshatra Dharma: – While performing various ceremonies, worships and ritual acts it is obligatory that we must know our Gotra (Origin and Identity of our generation as per our Surname and Blood groups.). This book is written with an intention to provide useful information, which is generally not known to masses. Information regarding Gotra, (As explained above) KulDevi, KulDevata (Family God and Goddess), information in respect of various casts and sub casts, their origins and required rituals is also available in this book.

11) Marathi Culture and its Pride: – Information of various festivals, Rites followed by various casts and sub casts, Birth dates, Death-anniversaries, Family God and Goddess, Worships, Devotional acts etc. according to Marathi heritage are given in this book. Interesting information about various poetical forms, which are adopted for celebration of ceremonies and worships viz. Aghanga, Owe, Lavani, Gavalan, Jogwa, Vasudev, Waghya, Pangul, Neetishrungar, Puzzles, etc. is given in this book. This book is wonderful and very interesting. It gives us the wonderful flavor of Marathi heritage.

12) Gharguti Aayurved (Household Aayurved): – A very ancient Volume (Granth) “Chikitsa Prabhakar” is referred for writing this Household Aayurved book. Various solutions, medicines, are given for all kind of minor and major dieses and physical problems. These solutions are very homely and easily available to everyone. The medicines referred are not costly. Along with some do’s and don’t do’s in respect of precautionary measures are also given for all. Various medicines are prepared from particular trees and natural resources. Importance of trunk of tree and roots of the tree are mentioned in this book. Earlier days elder persons use to keep the necessary household medicines in their daily usable bag. The bag is known as magic bag of grandmother. This book is just like the magic bag of grandmother.

13) Bharatiya Krishi Shastra Part 1 (Krishi Visheshanka): –(Science of Indian Agriculture Part 1) India is agricultural country. Main earning source of Indians is agriculture. It has got an ancient background, regulations and support. Under Guru Peeth Sewa Marg, there is a wing of Agriculture. This wing furnishes various guidelines to farmers. How to make systematic farming? How to encounter the hurdle of water scarcity? How to apply farming skills with minimum economy? These are the common questions appear in the mind of farmers. Scientific research is endeavored for the betterment of farmers. These research activities are considered thoroughly for publishing this book (Krishi Shastra Part 1) In this book some other topics are also considered having significance of agriculture. E.g. 1) cultivation of crops, 2) farming sidelines, 3) dairy business, 4) plantation, 5) flower cultivation, and 6) guide lines published by State Government and Local Authorities for farmers etc. This book is admired by various experts and critics. This book is honored as Geeta of Farmers. All farmers and agriculturists are advised to consider this book for their ready reference.

14) Shreemad Bhaagwat: – This is a holy and reverent Granth (volume) This volume is based on Biography of Bhagwaan (God) ShreeKrishna. Various miracles, marvels and wonders are described in this volume. It is utmost beneficial for all of us to read this volume repeatedly (At least once in a year.) It is a guaranteed affirmation of many disciples that mere reading of this Granth, abolishes immaterial, material, mental, physical problems of mankind. We get blessings of Bhagwaan Krishna for every betterment.

15) Karveer Mahatmya: – It is believed that virtual abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi is In Kolhapur (Maharashtra). In ancient time Kolhapur city was known as Karveer Kshetra. This holy place is treated as southern Kashi (Vaaraanasi). The spiritual importance of Goddess Mahalaxmi is elaborated in PadmaPuraan (Ancient volume) Reading of this volume encounters the financial hurdles and establishes peace in our mind. We get our desired objects. We get rid of dieses. We get strength to achieve our targets and goals. Those persons get descendants who were deprived from having them. Every one is therefore advised to read this volume repeatedly.

16) Malhari Mahatmya (Grandeur of God Malhari): – Male members are advised to read this book every Sunday and to keep fast. This worship will be treated as a great service to God Khandoba Malhari. Married couples are advised to visit the original place of God Khandoba. Bow their head with great humble and pray for the better future and betterment of our family. 17) Shree Bhuvaneshvaree BhukampShanti Yantra Pujan: – Goddess Bhuvaneshvaree is honored as Goddess of Earth. Supplication, worship of Goddess Bhuvaneshvaree is very significant for all of us being residents of this planet. For avoiding various calamities by way of earthquake, it is momentous to pay our high regards to Goddess Bhuvaneshvaree. Rites, adore and worships are given in this book “Shree Bhuvaneshvaree Bhukamp Shanti Yantra Pujan”. It is advisable to construct a temple of Goddess Bhuvaneshree and her symbol of power. Worship of Goddess and symbol of power will make our life steady and peaceful.

18) Shree Sewa Bhagwan Shankaraachi (Adornment, Worship of God Shiva): – Rudra (Powerful and strict Sanskrit canticle), Shiv-Kavach (Hymn for protection), Shiv Mahimna Stotra (Grandeur of God Shiva), Shiv Naamavali (Detailed list of various spiritual names of God Siiva), Shiv Mantra (Chant), Shree Kaal Bhairavashtak (God Shiva is recognized as Kaal Bhairava who is an authority of demise, death. Shree Kaal Bhairavashtak is canticle having eight stanzas of adornment of Lord Shiva) Shree Ramraksha (Hymn of God Shree Ram) These Hymns, canticles and worships are considered as a part of services humbly offered to Shree Shiva. God Shiva is honored as Mahaadev (Supreme of Gods) Adornment and worships offered to Mahaadeva is very much significant in these present circumstances. This book “ Shree Sewa Bhagwan Shankarachi” is very much beneficial for all of us. Most of the prayers and canticles are narrated in Marathi. (Easy to understand for those who does not have a grip over Sanskrit language) Adornment of Lord Shiva removes ill thoughts, bad intoxications, and bad habits addictions like smoking, eating tobacco, addiction of non-vegetarian diet etc. Worshiper possesses a power of good and spiritual strength. Worshiper gets the unrivalled blessings of Lord Shiva.

19) Shree Geetai: – Ancient Mahabharata War (between Pandawas and Kaurawas} was held at KuruKshetra. Paarth Arjuna was a leader of Pandawas. That was high time for commencement of war. But suddenly before commencing the war Parth Arjuna experienced a very awkward state of mind, when he realized that this war is not with outer enemy but to his own cousins and mentors. He had expressed his helplessness to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was performing a role of key person (Sutradhaar) in Mahabharata. This war was not merely to acquire power or kingdom but this war was significant to establish the eternality of religion. This war was significant for annihilation of devils and enemies of mankind. Paarth Arjuna was a super warrior amongst all brothers. He was a central pillar of Pandawas. Therefore his step back attitude was utterly unreasonable. To strengthen his warrior’s motive and enlighten his inner vision Lord Krishna obliged Arjuna by narrating the incomparable, unrivalled advice of immaterialist and materialistic life. The realistic meaning of war, the meaning of religion, meaning of spiritual intention of Almighty behind creating the series of solar system, Reality of Universe. Lord Krishna gave all these heavenly declarations to Paarth Arjuna. During that deliverance the “Time” These advises are in a poetic form which is regarded as Bhagwat Geeta. Virtually Shreemad Bhgwat Geeta is for all mankind. The verses are eye openers and thorough guidelines for mankind. It is a heavenly advice for what to do and not to do. Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta is an eternal volume. Shree Geeta is covered in 18 chapters. It is in Sanskrit. Looking to the utmost importance of this volume for mankind, our ancient sages, saints, experts devoted their lives in studying the sacred meaning of God’s statements. They contributed their views, opinions and explanations on every Chapter of Bhagwat Geeta. In Marathi Language, Geetai is a book, which is written by Respected Late Shre Aacharya Vinoba Bhave. This is a poetic and easy translation of Shreemad Geeta. This book is very much useful for all worshipers and devotees.

20) Manaache Shlok: – (Advises to mind through verses) Saint Shree Ramdaas Swami devoted his life in the worship of God Shree Ram. He was a religious mentor of Shree Shiwaji Maharaj. Manaache Shlok is a series of 205 verses. These verses are written to connote realistic advice to our mind. These verses are essence of the worship of Samartha Ramdaas Swami. Very easy but powerful poetic form is applied to these verses. These verses are very easy to chant and memorize. Our kids takes utmost pleasure to utter these shlok

21) Vishnu Sahastra Naam: – (One thousand mythological names of Lord Vishnu.) Utterance of Vishnu Sahastra Naam worshiper gets spiritual strength and bliss. If worshiper intends to perform royal adore, reading of spiritual volumes or any religious activity, utterance of Vishnu Sahastra Naam is advisable. It removes the ill effects of our misconduct done knowingly or unknowingly. The persons who are holding financial debts and liabilities are advised to keep a photo of Lord Vishnu in holy place and utter Shree Visnu Sahastra Naam daily before going to bed. This Book consists of Shree Vishnu Sahastra Naam and Hymn of Lord Vyankatesha.

22) Pyramid & Pendulum Maahiti Pustika (Informative Booklet about Pyramid and Pendulum): – In this booklet information is given regarding how to use pyramids and pendulums. What is a use of pyramids in the architecture and how it is to be used, this information is discussed in details. Precautions to be taken while making the use of pendulum are also given.

23) Panchaamrut: – (Five sciences regarded as ambrosia for mankind) In this volume information of five sciences are discussed. 1) ShivSwaroddaya Shastra 2) Architectural Science 3) Palmistry 4) Numerology and 5) Astrology. Given information is supported by various designs and diagrams.

24) Shree Swami Sewa Masik Ank:- (Shree Swami Sewa monthly magazine.) Every month this magazine issue is printed and published by Shree Tryambakeshwar Gurukul Peeth. Home delivery facility is extended to the subscribers. Information regarding various festivals, important days during the month, Birth dates or Death anniversaries of Saints and Sages are given. Information of Architectural Science, Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology, Scientific farming, solutions on hurdles and black ills etc are mentioned. Readers can feel bliss by reading affectionate address, conversations of SadGuru Shree More Dada. Coverage of various events related to Guru Peeth, and visits of SadGuru and his deliverances are made available to the readers. Life long membership subscription of this magazine is Rs.1100/-. Persons who are interested to enlist themselves in lifelong members list, are requested to make a contact on the below given address: – Shree Swami Samartha Prakashan, Shree Gurukul Peeth, Post, Tahisil Tryambakeshwar,Dist.Nasik. Pin Code – 422212. Telephone Number 02594-233170.

25) DinDarshika (Colander): – This is a very peculiar calendar. This is published every year in Marathi, Hindi and Gujrathi Languages. This calendar is supported by other important information such as various festivals, important days, Birth dates or Death anniversaries of Saints and Sages are given. Information of Architectural Science, Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology, Scientific farming, and solutions on hurdles and black ills etc This Calendar is very attractive and available at a very considerable price. This is affordable to all.

26) Dainandini (Diary): – For the use of all devotees and worshipers good quality diary is printed at a very reasonable price

27) Hindu Dharma (Hindu Religion): – Informative statements and discussions of various religious and spiritual structures are included here. Vedas, Vedanga, Smriti. Grantha, Purans, 14 knowledge streams, 64 arts, Purshartha, Aashram concept, rites, ritual acts, science of time counting, almanac, Dhyanyog, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta, Indian heritage, Indian worriers, Freedom Fighters and their biographies such detailed and descriptive matters and events are narrated in this book.

28) Shree Swami Samarth Panchang (Shree Swami Samarth Almanac): – This almanac is circulated every year. It gives the entire information of spiritual and religious events; information of future calculations is mentioned. This almanac is very much informative and useful to all devotees and worshipers.
Through these publications, His Holiness Gurumauli has ushered in an era of socio-spiritual renaissance, motivating lakhs of volunteers to constructively work for the larger social and national good. This vision is carried out through the 11-point Rural Development Programme ridding people of addiction, removing social superstition through scientific knowledge and know-how, making lakhs of farmers self reliant through pest-free organic farming by generating self-employment.


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