Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust

About Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust

SHPT has been established with the objective of spreading the messages of the Spiritual Masters to seekers all over the world. To realize this objective, SHPT publishes spiritual messages, writings, talks and lectures and documentaries, in various media such as books, audio, video, posters and photographs. SHPT strives to maintain high quality of publications at an affordable price and hopes that these publications will aid and encourage spiritual seekers to pursue a spiritual practice that will lead them to their inner spiritual goal.

The Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust (SHPT) was registered on April 8, 2009, with its headquarters at Kolkata, India. The SHPT will undertake all publication activities under license from the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation.

The objectives of the SHPT

  • To set up Meditation centres for Yoga,
  • To spread awareness of its utility in the day to day life of the public at large,
  • To promote its education among masses and in schools,
  • To conduct lectures, seminars, symposium and courses on meditation and yoga,
  • To set-up awards and prizes and,
  • To set-up a research centre in this regard.


HeartSpeak 2002 – Volume 2 (English)

HeartSpeak 2002 Volume 2 – English

Sahajmarga Siddhanthamulu – 14 (Telugu)

Translation of ‘Principles of Sahaj Marg – Vol. 14’ in Telugu

Sahajamarga Kotpadugal Bagam 12 (Tamil)

Translation of ‘Principles of Sahaj Marg – Vol. 12’ in Tamil

Vruksache Fal (Marathi)

Translation of ‘Fruit of Tree’ in Marathi

Rev Master Diwali celebrations Photos

Photographs released on the occasion of Diwali.

Guru and the Goal (Tamil)

Translation of “Guru and the Goal” in to Tamil, Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Marati,and Gujarathi.

HeartSpeak 2009 (Spanish)

Spanish translation of HeartSpeak 2009.

Tales of Wonder II (English)

Children’s book with hand sketched illustrations of various small stories which Rev. Master has narrated in many of his talks.

Tales of Wonder I (Tamil)

Ttranslation of “Tales of Wonder I ” in to Tamil, Telugu and Hindi .

Down Memory Lane I (English)

Down Memory Lane I (English)

Down Memory Lane Il (English)

Down Memory Lane Il (English)

Youth Vol I (Italian)

Italian translation of Youth Vol I

Religion and Spirituality (Tamil)

Tamil translation of “Religion and Spirituality”

HeartSpeak 2007 (Hindi – Corpus)

Hindi translation of the book “Heart Speak 2007”

HeartSpeak 2002 Vol I (English – Corpus)

HeartSpeak 2002 Vol I (English – Corpus)

Reality at Dawn (Malayalam)

Malayalam translation of Reality at Dawn

Basics of Sahaj Marg (English, Hindi, Marati and Telugu)

Reprint of Basics of Sahaj Marg in English, and Hindi translation in Hindi, Marati and Telugu

Practice of Sahaj Marg (Hindi, Kannada)

Reprint of Hindi and Kannada translations of  Practice of Sahaj Marg

Welcome to Sahaj Marg (English)

New edition of Welcome to Sahaj Marg in English

Why Spirituality (English and other languages)

New Brochure of Why Spirituality in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarathi, Kannada, Marati, Nepali, Odiya, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust
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