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SSS Publications is an upcoming independent book publishing and distribution company based in New Delhi, India established in 2004 with the sole aim of promoting high quality, student friendly and easily accessible books while maintaining high academic & literary merit and international production standards to advance knowledge in areas of Sports Science, Physical Education, Health & Wellness, Spiritual Science, Lifestyle, Cinema, Culture, Literature and books of general interest.

Some Spiritual Titles

S. No. Book/Author
1. Spiritual Capital: Wealth We Can Live

by Danah Zohar, Ian Marshall

2. Healing the Heart

by  Deepak Chopra

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

by R.T.Kiyosaki

4. The One Minute Manager

by K.Blanchard & S.Johnson

5. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind –

A Practical Alternative To Growing Old

by  Deepak Chopra

6. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success-

A Practical Guide to Fulfillment of Your Dreams by Deepak Chopra

7. The Path to Love-Spiritual Lessons

by Deepak Chopra

8. Peace is the Way

by Deepak Chopra

9. Balance Your Body, Balance Your Life:

Total Health Rejuvenation

by Edward A. Taub

10. Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles

by Marianne Williamson



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New Delhi – 110059, INDIA.

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