Swadhyay Mandal


Swadhyay Mandal was founded in 1918 at Aundha Dist. Satara (Maharashtra} by the great visionary, artist, scholar and patriot Padmabhushan, Brahmarshi Padint Shripad Damodar Satwalekar. It was shifted to Killa Pardi, Dist Valsad, (Gujarat) in 1948. Vision and mission include These include the spread of Vedic Knowledge and practice of Vedic teaching, propagation of Vedic, Social, Political, Cultural, religious and spiritual philosophy: Popularizing the teaching of Sanskrit language, Promotion of Health through Yoga and Ayurveda, Protection of cows, ecologically harmonious research and development in agriculture and Publication of Books and magazines relating to these and allied subjects. The stature of the organization is A Non-Profit making Registered Charitable Trust and Recognized Educational Institute & Post Graduate Research Centre affiliate to South Gujarat University. All those who are interested in Vedic knowledge and research, Learning of Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Yoga, Protection of Indian Bride Cow cult, Ecology, Cultural, Social, and National recognition are welcome to visit.

About the Founder

Padmabhushan Pandit Shripad Damodar Satwalekar was a versatile genius, Scholar, Author, Patriot, Freedom-Fighter, Proponent of Surya Namaskar, Lover of Vedic values and ideas and a real inspiration for Human upliftment. He was a true “Karmayogi”.

Born in 1867, at Kolgaon, Dist Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, brought up under Vedic values and traditional and Sanskrit learning, he started his career as a Artist and Photographer, and he established a Studio in Lahor. He paited potrets for Maharajas, Dignities and many more…

He was prosecuted several times by the British Government. He renders valuable help and support to Gadar and Home Rule movements and activities of Quit India movement. Enetring public life and activity he becomes a follower of Lokamanya Tilak and attended the Surat congress session. He met Lokamanya Tilak in 1961 and they become true friends and associates. He was a moving sprit of Pant Pratinidi, Maharaj of Aundh state, blessed by Mahatma Gandhi. Interested in both individual and social health, Ayurved, Yoga and Surya Namaskar and wrote several books on these subjects.

His contribution in various field brought him honors from all quarters including the Poojya Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Universities, Government and Public Institutions. His activities and phylosophy were highly commended by Jagdguru Sankaracharya, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Zakir Husain, Maharshi Arvind, Vinobha Bhave, Guruji Golwalkar, Dr. K. M. Munshi, Dr. shree Prakash, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Morarjibhai Desai, C. D. Deshamukh, P. G. Malangkar, Kaka Kalelkar and many more stalwarts.

In 1936 he took oath as a swayamsevak of R.S.S., distanced himself from politics and engaged himself in social, culture, humanitarian and scholarly activities and continued his mission till he breathed his last living behind a rich heritage and inspiration for generations to come.

Swadhya Mandal, the symbol and vehicle of his mission is determined to continue this mission and philosophy and message and hold aloft the banner of the Vedas and India’s heritage


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