VEDSRI proves that Vedic Scriptures are virtual textbooks on science and mathematics. Vedic Language itself is decoded mathematically for the first time in the world to do the job. LINGUAMATHS — the mathematics of languages is the mind-blowing discovery doing this. “ANCIENT SCIENTIFIC WISDOM” – English monthly publishes the discovery results. E-CLASSES are also being planned to teach the real Vaedhic and Sangam Thamizh Science and Mathematics, the thought-flows of which are significantly different and more accurate than those of the so-called modern science. These subjects are Indhiya’s own science hoped to help in designing hi-tech gadgets and rapid mental calculations of anything right from additions, multiplications, log table contents, individual terms of any mathematical series, planetary positions and movements, and the like, without paper-pencil, computers etc. It is a reality. Vedic Science University is also mooted in 50 acres at Manvi in Karnataka.


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