Ma Nagini who is also famously known as Nagarani, Nagashakti, Nagadevi and as Naga Devata is the female snake, who contains divine powers, and she is worshipped as holy mother goddess in India. Naginis used to live in the underworld also known as Naga Loka, the Divine Serpent world, who is capable to come to the earth at any time, by using their supreme powers. The distance between the earth and Nagaloka is very long, and hence, for us, it is not possible to dig a big pit in the earth, for making a way to visit the Naga Loka. One TV Serial in the name of “NAGINI” was also produced and telecasted, and it received a huge response from the viewers!

Since Naginis are considered as aspects of Ma Shakti Devi, we should not think that they are ordinary female snakes. We should worship Naginis by chanting the Mantra, “OM SRI SHAKTI SWAROOPAYA NAGINI DEVATA NAMAHA”. In Mahabharata, it was mentioned that one Ma Uloopi who was a Naga Devi, was fell in love with Arjuna, and hence she requested him to marry her, and Arjuna also married her, and he stayed in the Naga Loka along with his wife for a few months. But for ordinary humans like us, it is not at all possible to fetch a suitable Naga bride from the Naga Loka to get marry with her, since Naginis are immortals, who would never prefer to marry an ordinary mortal person from the earth!

When Prahalada and his grandson were ordered by Lord Vamana to stay in the Sutala Loka, they have agreed to do that, and once in a while, they even used to visit the sacred Naga Loka. But since they are apart from sensual pleasures, both of them were considered the Naginis as their children, and hence they blessed Naginis for their prosperity, used to affectionately accept their humble service, and interact with them in a cordial manner.

At present, though some space researchers are able to send their aircrafts to the planets like moon and mars, but it is not possible for them to send anything to the Naga Loka, the underworld, since this world is totally hidden from the eyes of the ordinary humans like us!

Ma Manasa Devi is a great Nagini, the goddess of snakes, who is worshipped mainly in north India, for getting recovered from problems caused due to snakebite and also will bless the childless couple and give them children.

Manasa is very kind towards her devotees, even for those people who do not know much about her, through her kind attitude, she will make them to worship her, in order to give all the prosperity in their life.  She is also called by various names such as Nagathamman, Nagalakshmi and Nageswari, and is worshipped by the south Indians.

Manasa Devi is also mentioned in Vedas and various sacred texts, and her importance is also mentioned in the texts.

She is also considered to be the daughter of the great sage Kashyapa and Kadru.

She is the “remover of poison”   from our body and also from our mind, and will make us to be sin free persons, and will give peace of mind, good luck, removal of various dreaded diseases from our body, and finally will give SALVATION to us, provided if we worship her sincerely and faithfully, always keeping about her thoughts in our mind.

She is the main deity of snakes and reptiles.

She worshipped Lord Krishna and got great divine powers.

Manasa Devi is worshiped in a grand manner on Naga Panchami  festival.

Let us worship Ma Nagini by considering her as MA Shakti Devi itself, and let us be blessed.