Sri Narayana Teertha (1650–1745) was a Vaishnavite saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and composed and sung many songs on him.

Narayana was born in a village at Andhra Pradesh to a pious Hindu family. He was an intelligent student and quickly grasped all the subjects. He contains very good qualities such as not hurting others by words, and always moved with others in a polite and kind manner. He got the habit of never finding out fault with others, and contains the thoughts about Lord Krishna only in his mind, and he followed it throughout in his life. His birth name was Govinda Sastrulu. After his birth, his parents were moved to Thanjavur.

He was a great scholar and an expert in Carnatic music and was well versed in Sanskrit language and studied Hindu Scriptures. At his younger age itself, he was not interested in worldly attachments, and has become a saint. He went to Varanasi and spread the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” spirit among the masses.

He wrote several spiritual books mostly on Lord Krishna. Sri Narayana Tirtha had once got the divine darshan of Lord Krishna in a temple at Thanjavur. He died at varagur at the ripe old age of 95, and attained VAIKUNTA.


  1. Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini
  2. Subodhini
  3. Vivaraṇa Dipika
  4. Parijatapaharaṇam
  5. Hari Bhakti Sudharnavam
  6. Sandilya bhakti sutra vyakyanam

Every year, Sri Narayana Teertha Trust of Kaja, grandly celebrates his aradhana.


Sri Narayana Teertha has spread the importance of Lord Krishna through his lectures. He will used to conduct regular discourses on Bhagavatham, Bhagavat Gita and Ramayan in the temples. He also removed the diseases of the people, and given suitable advices for running a successful life among the people. He was highly honoured by the great kings and by the common people for his kindness and spiritual powers.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.






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