Narottama Dasa Thakura (15th century) was a saint who was the main person towards spreading the bhakti of Lord Krishna throughout India. He was born as the son of the emperor of Bangladesh.


Narottama Dasa Thakura lived as a bachelor throughout his life.

From his childhood he was always attracted to Shri Chaitanya. He was also trained in all the languages, and was a master in all kinds of art, and also a great learned scholar.

Even at his younger age, he was not interested in enjoying worldly comforts, but concentrated his attention towards worshipping Lord Krishna. He had his food only by taking alms.

He had preached the bhakti spirit of Lord Krishna amongst the people.

According to him, our main aim is to surrender and realize Lord Krishna, in order to attain the eternal bliss of the god.

Narottama had many thousands of disciples, in Bangladesh, and they preached his teachings throughout the world.

He travelled to Bengal and circulated his devotional writings to the general public.

He was well known for his devotional poems, which describes the love between Radha and Krishna.


  1. Prarthana
  2. Premabhaktichandrika
  3. Hatapaltana
  4. Smaranamangala


He was a great devotee of Radha and Krishna and spent his time towards devoting them. Though he was the son of a king, he left all the worldly pleasures and become a saint. He was a great yogi and contains spiritual powers. He emphasised the people towards concentrating their attention on god, in order to solve the problems in their life.

We cannot see such a person in this kaliyuga, and we have to follow his teachings and live comfortably.

Let us worship this great saint and be blessed.