Raghavanka (12th century) was a famous Kannada writer and a poet in the Kingdom of Hoysala. Due to his talents, he was praised by the great kings and also by the common man. Raghavanka is a great person in Kannada literature.  He has written the famous text Harishchandra Kavya, based on the life history of King Harishchandra. He was the disciple of the great poet Harihara. He has also written texts on Lord Shiva and Vishnu in a simple language, which can be read even by the layman.


  1. Harishchandra Kavya
  2. Siddharama charitra
  3. Somanatha charitra
  4. Viresvara charita
  5. Hariharamahatva
  6. Sarabha charitra

His guru has asked him to write about great saints and divine gods and goddesses, since he considers King Harishchandra as an ordinary motal.  Due to that, he had written texts about Veerashaiva saints.


Even though his guru has disliked him for writing the text of Harishchandra, he argued with his guru, that the great King Harishchandra was not an ordinary king, and he has lived a pious and a honest life throughout his life, and after his death, he has reached the divine abode of Lord Indra, the Swarka Loka, and also has become one of the demi gods in the heaven.

Raghavanka was famous for writing texts in a perfect manner, and was a great Shiva devotee. It is believed that once he has got the vision of Lord Shiva, and he got the blessings from him. After that, he has become a famous poet, and wrote lot of devotional poems and sacred texts.

He contains great wisdom, knowledge, courage and a master in all kinds of arts. He has also won in the debates with the scholars, and received price money for that. He has done several charity works, and provided food to the poor people, at his own cost.

Let us worship the great poet and a noble person and be blessed.