Raja Gururaja refers to our great Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy, and in one famous Kannada Song, we can find the wording Raja Gururaja, which would be frequently sung by the singer! (RAJA GURURAJA NAMMA RAJA GURURAJA). Raja means King. Gururaja means King of all Gurus. In the famous spiritual book, “SRI RAGHAVENDRA VIJAYAM”, which mentions about the life history of Guru Raghavendra, Guru Raghavendra is mentioned as equivalent to the Deva Guru Brihaspati himself, and hence he has been given the title as “GURURAJA” (UNIVERSAL GURU).

Guru Raghavendra must be worshipped similar to the god, and we must offer our sincere prayers to him, by worshipping daily. We can decorate his picture using various kinds of flowers, and also we can offer Holy Prasad items to him. Guru Raghavendra occupies a major role in our Sanatana Dharma, and that’s why Goddess Saraswathi had appeared in his dream and insisted to take him the holy sainthood (SANYASA ASHRAMA), in order to preach the essentials of the Holy Sanatana Dharma amongst masses through his holy writings. Guru Raghavendra gives proper guidance, showers his blessings like the ocean, gives us sufficient food and water in order to survive in our life, and also makes us to travel on the correct path. He is the custodian of our spiritual wealth (PUNYA), and he also acts as our father and mother.

Guru Bhakti is widely followed in ancient India, and we can study about these in detail by referring to our various Hindu Spiritual books and Spiritual Articles available in Spiritual Websites. Even the divine avatars like Rama and Krishna have educated themselves under a proper learned guru, and got sanctified. According, to an ancient proverb  “GURU BRAHMA GURU VISHNU GURU DEVO MAHESWARA”. It means guru is considered as equivalent to Trimurty, and they are the most worshipful persons in the world, next to our father and mother.  We can get goodness in our life, only through our Guru Bhakti, which can be developed by constant practice. Each and every one must have one spiritual guru, to lead a noble and a sinless life. We can worship the great Guru Raghavendra and we can know about him in detail, by reading his life history, which is now available in Tamil and English and even in some South Indian languages. Guru Raghavendra’s teachings are based on humanity, generosity, spirituality and kindness. If we follow, and practice it in our real life, then our mind would get matured, and we would not spend our time on unnecessary activities, and would concentrate our attention only on important things in our life.







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