Chyavana was an ancient rishi in Hinduism. He was the son of Rishi Bhrigu, and it is believed that he was the creator of the Ayurdedic medicine known as chyawanprash, through the guidance of Ashwin Kumaras.

He was a powerful rishi and contains sufficient powers enough to oppose Lord Indra, and helped the Ashvin kumaras for getting their share of the sacrificial offerings. And in return for that, he had got youth form, and contained great energy and strength through the divine power of Ashwin kumaras.

His importance was also mentioned in the Rigveda. He married the pious lady Sukanya, and they had two children.

He studied the Vedas, Upanishads and other divine texts from Lord Brahma. He is also known as Brahmarshi, for his great exposure in vedas.

His ashram is situated in Bihar.


He was a great rishi who was praised in the divine texts. Being the son of Rishi Bhrigu, he also contained the features of Lord Vishnu. He had meditated several thousands of years by worshipping Lord Vishnu and got great power and attained the status of “BRAHMA RISHI”.

He is a kind and a noble rishi, who was not interested in worldly pleasures, and concentrated his attention only on pure bhakti towards god. He has got the power to visit all the three lokas of trimurtis, and to worship them. He also strictly followed his daily rituals and done various pujas to the gods, and worshipped them with sincere devotion.

It is also believed that he was born several lakhs of years before, during sathya yuga. He was referred by ancient texts, that he was very much interested in doing severe penance, even without taking proper food and water. He will not bother about his body, even if he was harmed by the insects, ants and by other small creatures.

His appearance was referred in ancient texts, as a short man with a bright face, and glitters like a powerful star.

Let us worship this great rishi and be blessed.