Rishi Garga was one of the most ancient sage and also a great contributor to the field of Ayurveda, and also an expert in astrology.

He was the Author of Garga Samhita and Garga Hora which contains the details of astrology.


Garga was the son of the great rishi Bharadwaja and Suseela. Garga also had two sisters named Ilavida and Katyayani.

Garga was lived during the period of Lord Krishna and he was the reputed priest for the Yadu dynasty. He only named the new born divine babies as Balarama and Krishna in the house of Nandagopal and Yashoda. He also told to Nanda about the importance of the divine babies and asked him to take care of them, and to be protected from the demons.

His ashram is situated in almora district, uttarakhand.


He was a great sage and a master in all kinds of art. He was well versed in Vedas, Upanishads and Divine texts. It is believed that he had lived for several thousands of years, and also lived during the dwapara yuga, and served Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama.

He was a great fortune teller, and was awarded by the kings for his talent in astrology. Though he was a scholar, he was a humble and a noble sage, who never find any fault with others. During his lifetime, he never cursed anybody and he never harmed others.

He was interested in doing severe penance, and has obtained great yogic power through that. He never interested in any material comforts in this earth, but concentrated his attention only on god. He ate only simple food, and always chants the glory of the god. He contains pure heart. It is also believed that through the use of ayurvedic medicines, he has cured the diseases of the people during his period.

Let us worship this great rishi and be blessed.