Sathguru Samhara Murthy swamigal was born in the year 1880 in a pious family in Trichy. His birth name was Kanakasabapathy. He was good at studies and got much interest in spirituality at his younger age itself. In the year 1901, he got married to a noble girl, and peacefully lived with her. He worked in the government department, and after some years, he left his job and also left his home and wandered to many places and visited holy temples throughout Tamil Nadu. After some time, he went back to Trichy, and sat under a tree inside the court complex and performed deep meditation on Lord Shiva.

Once he was kicked by a police officer for sitting inside the court complex. After some time, the police officer was suffered from Paralysis attack. He went to Swamy and asked him to forgive him. Swamy had smiled and given sacred ash to him, and within a few days, the officer had got relieved from his problem, and become a disciple of swami.

Similar to that, he has done lot of wonders in the life of his devotees. Once he worshipped Lord Varuna, and brought heavy rain in his region. He also protected the people from poxes by worshipping Mata Parvati. He was very kind with others and never scolded or cursed anyone. Due to his good characteristics, the people in his region were become his disciples and served him in a proper manner.

In the year 1938, he attained Mahasamadhi and a shrine was built at Trichy Court Complex.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.





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