Shanidev refers to the planet Saturn, and is one of the important Navagraha in Hinduism. He is the god for Saturday as per Hindu calendar. Shani is also a referred in the Puranas and in vedic texts, and his mount is crow. He is the God of Justice in Hindu religion and will give favourable or unfavourable results to all, depending upon on our good and bad karma. He is the son of Lord Surya and goddess Chaya. His wives are Manda and Neela Devi. His sons are Maandhi and Kuligan.

The name of Shani is mentioned in ancient vedic texts and scriptures, and is praised for his great power.

Some people consider Lord Shani as highly inauspicious and for giving bad results in life. That is not correct, he is the justice god, and always will do goodness in our life, if we have sincere bhakti on god and if we do good things in our life. Based on our past and present, good and bad deeds, he will deliver positive or negative effects in our life. He is the giver of boons and blessings to us based on our pure devotion on him.

Few years ago, a tall statue of Lord Shani was installed at Medak district, nearby Hyderabad. It is worshipped by the people from all parts of india. Shani Singnapur temple is a very famous temple situated in Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra.

In tamilnadu, thirunallar Dharbaranyeswarar temple is very famous for worshipping Lord Shani, in order to get rid of our sins, and to get prosperity in our life. Kuchanur temple at Theni district is also a famous temple where suyambu idol of Lord shani is present there, and worshipped by the people with great bhakti. In Chennai also some famous shani temples are there. Among that, Pozhichallur Shaneeswarar is very famous, which is situated nearby pallavaram.


Shani dev is the most powerful god, among all the other navagrahas. He will be pleased by wearing black clothes on Saturday, and by doing abhiskham to him in sesame oil on Saturdays, and by worshipping him in the respective temples meant for him, or otherwise we can worship him in the navagraha shrine of the shiva temples. Blue coloured flowers are offered to him. He loves black and his favourite food item include black sesame laddus prepared with jaggery, and black pulses are also offered as naivedyam(Prasad) to him.

Feeding to the poor and hungry will please him, and will offer his immediate blessings on us. He will be very much impressed, if we do good things to the poor, by offering clothes, providing shelter, and helping the poor children in their education, building temples and by respecting our elders, and taking care of our parents in a proper manner.

There is no need to avoid him with regard to worship, since he is a god of justice, and whatever fate is placed on us, we have to suffer or live happily, based on the judgement given by Lord Shani through our good and bad deeds. He will give the correct judgement, and we cannot escape from his judgement. He is watching us in every moment of our life, by calculating our good and bad karma, and giving the good and bad results to us. Let us always do good things in our life, and worship Lord Shanidev and live happily for ever.