Shrivedant Foundation has undertaken the ambitious task of digitizing Scriptures. Hindu Scriptures are vast repositories of knowledge that have universal relevance and transcend time and space. They are endless-AnantovaiVedaha. No one knows exactly when they were created though scholars have attempted innumerable times to fix a date on them. They are highly sophisticated and reveal an intellect that is highly evolved. Every aspect of human life from the practical and mundane to the metaphysical and lofty find mention here. This is the rich legacy of every Indian. It is unfortunate that many of our countrymen are unaware of our rich past. This could be due to the non availability of these Scriptures or it could also be due to ignorance of our past.

Shrivedant Foundation aims to bridge this gap and has embarked on the ambitious task of digitizing our Scriptures. This would ensure greater visibility and availability of Scriptures to the educated public. There are more than five hundred scriptures ready for digitization. These can be published as texts at a later stage. Placing the scriptures online under one umbrella will benefit scholars and serious students worldwide as they can have them at a mere click. We plan to build a corpus of study material useful for research. The Foundation wants to create a true copy in word file by actual DTP or Desk Top Publishing and not by creating PDF files which cannot be reused.

The cost of this grand project will be close to One million USD. We would like to appeal to generous minded Indians and others worldwide to participate in this noble venture and propagate the message of our Scriptures. The world going through so many upheavals at this juncture should listen to the universal truths that form the core message of these Scriptures. It is our sacred duty to share this with the entire world. We invite you to support our cause.

There are a total of 800 books containing 200,000 pages awaiting this procedure. We digitize one book every three months in original word file which will be extremely useful for seekers and the generation next.

The cost of digitizing each page is INR 10/- which includes the cost of infrastructure, software, and man power. Participants can choose the number of pages they want to digitize from the books listed. Prime Sponsors will be given banner space on our site on the pages of the scriptures translated. Any number of people can participate in this mission. This way these Scriptures can all be digitized and you can see them online. This is a massive project and we appeal to all of you to participate wholeheartedly in this mission of reviving our sacred Scriptures.

Contact us on [email protected] to sponsor the digitization of the scriptures.