Siddharudha Swami (1836-1929) was a spiritual guru and also a social reformer, who had done many good things for the poor people like offering food, clothes and shelter.

Sadguru Siddharudha Maharaj lived a saintly life throughout his life. He was against caste discrimination, and according to him, all are equal before god, and there must not be any partiality between the castes, and all the castes must be equally treated. He is also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.  He left home at a very younger age, in search of seeking a spiritual guru. He met Shri Gajanandaswami, and become his sincere disciple and served at his ashram.

As per the wishes of his guru, he had undertaken a holy temple pilgrimage and worshipped the divine deities. He travelled throughout India, and spread the spirituality among the masses, and after some time, he settled down at Hubli. Lot of people met him and listened to his spiritual lectures and got enlightenment.

He died at Hubli in the year 1929 at his ashram. It is believed that he is still answering to the prayers of his sincere devotees from his ashram, blessing them, and giving all sorts of prosperity and peacefulness in their life.  In his ashram, whole some food is served to the devotees, with great attention and kindness.

His important disciple Shri Kalavati Devi  samadhi is found at Shri Harimandir at Angol near Belgaum. And his chief disciples, Gurunatharudha Samadhi and Sri Shivaputra appaji Samadhi is found nearby the samadhi of Sri Siddharudha Swami in Hubli Ashram.




  1. God is the supreme force and he is the boss, and we are all his slaves and servants of him.
  2. All people must be equally treated and each and every one must be given respect.
  3. First do your duty properly. Then start doing service to the god.
  4. Take care of your parents, and never leave them alone at their old age.
  5. God is created us only for helping others.
  6. Realize the inner spirit, and try to know that god is dwelling within you.
  7. Don’t do bad things, since that will give lot of troubles to you.
  8. Cultivate the habit of listening spiritual lectures, and reading spiritual books, and take note of it, and live as per the guidelines of the spirituality.
  9. Don’t enjoy too much of comforts and luxuries, since that will not last too long. Live a simple and a noble life.


He has become very popular through his simplistic and kind approach. People were gathered in large numbers to eagerly listen to his speech. He also removed the fear from the minds of the people, and asked them to chant the holy Rama Mantra on a continuous basis, in order to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.