Sri Hanuman Das (1st century AD) was a Hindu  saint and poet, was well known for his devotion to Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. He was born in a village in Uttar Pradesh. His birth name was Ramachandra. Hanumandas has written several popular works in praise of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman in Sanskrit, and he was the author of the great epic Hanumanta Ramayana, in Sanskrit, which tells about the significance of Lord Hanuman in the great epic Ramayana, and it also contains some precious songs in praise of Lord Rama. Hanumanta Ramayana is considered as one of the finest works of ancient literature.

Hanumandas lived in the city of Varanasi.  He was the founder of the ancient Rama Temple in Varanasi. He has been recognized as one of the famous poets in ancient India. It is considered that he was the incarnation of the one of the most important characters of Ramayana, the brave person “GUHA”, who was the great devotee of Lord Rama, and he has helped Lord Rama in many ways during the Ramayana period.

At the age of three years, Ramachandra was adopted by Sri Narayana Rishi, and thereafter he had become a great saint, and from then onwards, he was named as “HANUMANDAS”.

He travelled to many holy places like Badrinath, Ayodhya, Kashi, Himalayas, Dwaraka and Rameshwaram and met various saints.

During the time of his travelling to the holy Himalayan Mountain Ranges, he had the darshan of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman and also had the wonderful darshan of the great Rishi Agastiya and his excellent consort Ma Lopamudra.

Hanuman das was a famous saint in North India. He was praised for his great scholarly works. He dedicated his life towards worshipping Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman and spread the bhakti towards the universe. He was well known for his simplicity, generosity and divinity. He treated all the people as alike and invoked them into the bhakti “RAMA BHAKTI”, movement. He asked the people to chant the “RAMA MANTRA” for several millions and millions of times, in order to get salvation.

Hanumandas left his physical body on the banks of river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, and merged with Lord Rama.

Some of the Hanuman Das songs written in praise of his beloved god Rama are as follows:-

  1. Hey Rama, Sri Ramachandra Prabhu, several Yugas may pass, but I would always remain as your humble servant by praising your glories, singing your sings, and performing meditation on you.
  2. Hey Karunya Moorthy, Raghurama, Kosalarama, Sitarama, I feel very much delighted by chanting your various names, you are the universal master, and your name and fame increases day by day, and I always bow before you, and surrender at your holy lotus feet like your obedient servant Lord Hanuman.
  3. Hey Srirama, I worship Ma Kausalya, since you have been in her womb for a few months, and she has got the great opportunity in giving birth to a precious child.
  4. Hey Rama, I worship Ma Sita, since she dutifully served you as your life partner for some years, and both of you cannot be separated by anyone, since you dwells in the heart of Ma Sita, and Ma Sita dwells in your heart.
  5. Hey Rama, I worship your brothers, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrugna, since they served you very well like your humble servants throughout their lifetime.
  6. Hey Gurunatha, you only taught me the art of patience, obedience, love and affection, you have moulded me very well, and, hence, I have been able to peacefully lead my life by meditating on you.
  7. Hey Rahukula Rama, even the stone has been transformed into a woman, through your divine touch, several demons have been destroyed by you, and you have maintained strict dharma throughout the world through your noble characteristics.
  8. Hey Kothanda Rama, you are talented very well in archery, no one could compete with you, and when Varuna disrespected you, with your talents in archery, you have made him to realise that you are not an ordinary man.
  9. Hey Karuna Sagara, you are showering your mercy towards your devotees like an ocean, your Rama Mantra gives more sweetness to your devotees, those who do not chant your Rama Mantra, would not lead a comfortable life in this world, since only by reciting the Rama Mantra, the sins of the people would be cleansed and they would become pure and pious in their lives.






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