Hindu temples share certain core ideas, themes and symbols though they are of many styles adapted to different deities and regional beliefs. Their structural rules are described in various ancient treatises on architecture like Vastu Shastras and Bruhat SamhitaRead More →

India has perhaps the world’s richest heritage in the form of scriptures. Definitely, no country can boast of an unbroken chain of manuscripts, as well preserved as, in our country. At once, Hindu literature is both the most ancient and the most extensive religious writings in the global context. TheRead More →

The word Satsanga is derived from two words, ‘Sat’ meaning the absolute i.e. ‘Brahman’ while ‘Sanga’ means ‘company’ or ‘union’. Thus, Satsanga refers to ‘being in the company of Brahman’.Read More →

  Introduction Indian heritage goes back thousands of years. Although it is difficult to arrive at a firm figure it is a fair estimate to say that our scriptures go back to between 3000 and 5000 BC or thereabouts. A study of our ancient Indian scripture that includes the Vedas,Read More →