Contents Differences between the Aryan and the European marriage The Early Third Race of Men The Secret of Conjugal Compatibility References Differences between the Aryan and the European marriage What distinguishes the Hindu or Aryan civilization from the European is a thorough recognition, given by the former,to the three planesRead More →

Tamil Nadu is a southeastern state of India, situated on the Bay of Bengal. It is specifically famous for its natural beauty. Apart from the backwaters, coffee plantations and luscious South Indian delicacies, the state is also known for its rich tradition and culture which dates back to the eraRead More →

Marriage is considered the most auspicious and noble amongst all Hindu occasions. According to the Hindu scripture Vedas, marriage is a sacred knot between two souls and an initiation into lifelong togetherness. Marriage is thus considered strongest of all social bonds. India is a land of diversity. Hence, marriage ritualsRead More →

Introduction India is a Hindu predominant country and is a land of unity and diversity. The convergence of different cultures and traditions on one single platform is the unique identity of the nation. People belonging to various religious communities and races live peacefully in India. People from Karnataka have theirRead More →