is one among the Mahavidyas  and she is a form of Durga Devi, and contains great powers. She is referred in the sacred text Adbhuta Ramayana, and she is also mentioned in the Buddhist texts.

According to Adbhuta Ramayana, when Kali kills a great demon, all the divine gods assembled before her and chanted her with divine songs. She was pleased by the praises of the divine gods, and she has become calm and transformed in the form of Tara Devi.

Tara had also assumed the form of Goddess Shodashi for maintaining the dharma and peace in the world. She was created for the ultimate purpose of safeguarding the innocent people from the attacks of cruel people. She always gives boldness and courage to the innocent and unhealthy devotees, and helps them to improve their physical and mental condition. By reciting her various slokas, we will get great wisdom, knowledge, braveness, strong mind and strong body. Unnecessary fear and tension will be removed from our mind, and our mind and body will be shaped in a proper manner. She was the creator of the entire nature, and helps the farmers in their farming activities and makes the crops to grow well and to get good food grains for the consumption of the people. Mata Kali and Tara are considered as one and the same.

Tara has eight forms:

  1. Ekajata
  2. Ugratara
  3. Mahogra
  4. Kameshwari
  5. Chamunda
  6. Nilasaraswati
  7. Vajra
  8. Bhadrakali

Tara shows motherly affection to her sincere devotees and gives peace and all sorts of prosperity in their life. Her famous temple is situated in west Bengal. Her ardent devotee Bama Khepa used to worship her with sincere dedication in this temple. He had got her divine appearance also. He worshipped her as his own mother, and done pujas in the temple. He lived during the period: 1837-1911.

Another famous Temple for Tara Devi is situated in Shimla. It is a famous tourist destination also. Lot of devotees from all parts of india will visit this temple, especially during Navrathri festival days. Grand puja celebration would be done in this temple for all the nine days of the festival.


She is the divine mother parvati, who took the form of Tara Devi, in order to guide us in the proper path. Her presence will always be with us, provided if we worship her with faith and devotion in our mind. By offering flowers and fruits and reciting her slokas, she will get satisfied and makes us to live happily and peacefully without any problems in our life.

Let us chant the glory of the goddess and be blessed.