Angala Parameswari Amman Temple, Putlur, Thiruvallur

Angala Parameswari Amman Temple, Putlur, Thiruvallur


Angala Parameswari Temple is a famous Temple which is dedicated to Ma Parameswari Amman, also called as Angala Parameswari, a form of Ma Shakti Devi, is located at Putlur Village in Thiruvallur. The Chief Deity of the Temple is Ma Poongavanathamman, also known as Angala Parameswari, and this temple is a popular temple, similar to the Angala Parameswari Amman Temple at Erode. The goddess is seen in this temple in the form of a pregnant woman. Lord Shiva’s shrine is also found inside the temple, and due to that, instead of the Lion Vehicle, Lord Nandi’s idol is located in front of the shrine of the Amman, which is considered to be rare sight. The Temple would be over crowded during Aadi month, Navaratri, Shivaratri festival days, Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays, and on full moon days.

As per legend, Lord Shiva and Parvathi were once proceeding to the place Poongavanam, also called as Putlur, and since Ma Parvati had walked for a long distance, she felt tired,                           and hence the holy mother lay down on the floor, and began to take rest, and an anthill also grew over her, and her body was covered fully with the anthill. Lord Shiva also stayed along with her, and he is called as Thandavarayan in this temple.

Once, a poor farmer, whose name was Ponmeni, began to plough the place Poongavanam(Putlur), in order to settle off his debts to a wicked money lender. While ploughing the land, the poor farmer began to pray whole heartedly to Ma Parameswari. In appreciation to his bhakti, the divine parents transformed in the form of old man and old woman and gave their divine darshan for some time to the poor farmer Ponmeni.

After some time, they disappeared, and began to talk in the form of a divine voice, and the Voice said, “I am Angala Parameswari and I am staying in an ant-hill at this place. I will take care of you, and since I am permanently decided to stay at this place Poongavanam, hereafter I will be worshipped as Poongavanathu Amman. As per the instructions of the Holy Amman, soon Ponmeni began to construct a temple for Amman at Poongavanam, and in course of time, he has also become rich and settled off all his dues to the money lender, due to the grace of Ma Parameswari. In this temple, Devotees used to pray to give birth to a good child, and this Amman is considered as a divine healer of all the dreaded diseases of her devotees. Some devotees would stay in this temple for a few days during festival days.

Those who suffer from black magic and from enmity problems are advised to visit and worship the holy Putlur Amman, in order to get rid from their problems.
Most of the devotees who attend to this temple are women. The temple is fully filled with the natural scent like turmeric and kumkum. The temple would be kept open for public darshan from 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. We can also peacefully meditate in the temple premises for some time in order to get good peace of mind. It is also believed that for her true devotees, Ma Angala Parameswari would appear in their dreams, and would give her immense blessings to them.

Address of the Temple

Sri Angala Parameswari Temple,
Putlur – 602 025,
Thiruvallur District
Mobile: +91 94436 39825.