Arulmigu Mathura Kaliamman Temple, Siruvachur

Arulmigu Mathura Kaliamman Temple, SiruvachurArulmigu Mathura Kaliamman Temple, Siruvachur


The Mathura Kaliamman Temple is a famous dedicated to Ma Kali, and it is situated in the village of Siruvachur in Perambalur District in Tamil Nadu. The Divine Chariot procession festival and the Tamil Month Panguni festivals are considered as very important festivals which would be celebrated in a grand manner at this temple.

The Chief deity of this temple is called as Sri Mathura Kaliamman, and she is one of the forms of Ma Kali Devi, and this temple was found during the Chola kings regime, and it was exist even during the period of the chaste and kind hearted Ma Kannaki. Once, the main deity of this temple at Siruvachur was “Chelliamman”. She has become a slave to a magician, since through his magic powers he controlled even the divine mother, Chelliamman. Once the pure hearted divine mother, Kannagi came to the present place of the temple and wanted to take rest for the night. There she met the then president deity Chelliamman, and soon Ma Chelliamman granted her enormous powers to Ma Kannagi in order to win over the wicked magician.     Ma Kannagi also destroyed the magician with the powers granted by Chelliamman.   From then onwards Ma Kannagi came to be known as Madhurakaliamman, since she had come from Madurai. Soon lot of people from all over Tamil Nadu visited Siruvachur in order to have a glimpse of the holy mother Ma Madhurakaliamman who is also known as Kannagi Amman.

The temple is kept open for public darshan only on Mondays and Fridays, and the rest of the days it is believed that Ma Madhurakali Amman visits the Periyasami hills, in order to spend time with Ma Chelliamman.        In front of the main shrine of the temple, the Samadhi of the magician who had once commanded over Chelliamman is also present. The devotees used to press their legs over the Samadhi as an act of destroying the evil force. Few hotels are available within a few metres far away from this temple, and it offers nice boarding and lodging facilities for the pilgrims.