Devi Dakshayini


Manas Shakthi Peeth is the place where Sati’s Right hand fell. Here Sati is worshipped as Dakshayini and Lord Bhairav as Amara/Hara.


The temple is located at the foot of Mount Kailash near Lake Manas Sarovar in Tibet. The other names of the holy lake are Lake Manas, Mapam Yumco etc.

Travel by land is from Kathmandu, Nepal or from Lhasa.

Flights are available from Kathmandu to Lhasa and to the Tibetan plateau by car. Darchen is the entry point for Mt Kailash located at an altitude of 15100 ft. It takes about four night stops to reach Darchen. Best time to travel is from May to November when the temperature would be around 15°C.

About Mount Kailash and Manas Sarovar

Manas (meaning mind) Sarovar (lake) gets its name as the holy lake was first created in the mind of Lord Brahma and then got manifested on earth.Manas Sarovar is the birth place of several important rivers such as Brahmaputra, Sutlaj, Ghaghara etc. The government of India announces dates for the Kailash Manas Sarovar yatra every year.

Puranic Reference

Manas Sarovar is said to be the summer abode of Hamsa, the bird which is considered as the supreme spirit of Lord Brahma. The flight of the bird also symbolises the escape or the flight from the cycle of birth and death (Samsara)

Another puranic reference is that Lord Shiva is said to reside at Mount Kailash along with goddess Parvati.

According to Vishnu Purana, the four faces of the mountain are made of crystal, ruby, gold and lapis lazuli (a deep blue semi precious stone).

Rituals and beliefs

Many pilgrims believe that circumambulating Mount Kailash (about 52 kms) on foot will bring good fortune.

Bathing in the holy lake of Manas Sarovar and drinking its waters is said to liberate devotees from the cycle of birth and death.

MOUNT KAILASH                                                                          LAKE MANAS SAROVAR