Govardhan Hill & Temple



Govardhana Hill also called as Govardhana Giri is an auspicious mountain, and it is located a few kilometres away from Vrindavan, the birth place of Lord Krishna.

Govardhan Hill contains the features of Lord Krishna, and it is believed that still Lord Krishna visits this holy mountain, and stays here for some time. This holy mountain is visited and worshipped by the devotees of Lord Krishna, and Lord Govardhana showers his grace towards his devotees, similar to Krishna, and by visiting to this sacred place, devotees would get spiritual enlightenment and permanent peace of mind.

In this Govardhan Hill, during the previous dwapara yuga, Lord Krishna and his brother Balarama spent their time joyfully during their childhood. Lord Krishna and Mata Radha’s wonderful love affair takes place in this holy mountain only.

As per legend, once when Lord Krishna stopped the Indra festival performed by the Yadavas, Lord Indra become very angry with the Yadavas, and he immediately showered heavy rain in the Vrindavan. Unable to bear the huge floods and the heavy rain, the Yadavas were struggled a lot. In order to remove their sufferings, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhana Mountain in his right hand little finger, and asked all the Yadavas to stay under the Mountain.

After a few days, Lord Indra had realised his mistake, came to Vrindavan and asked apology to Lord Krishna, and stopped the heavy rain also. Lord Krishna had forgiven the mistake of Lord Indra, and kept the Govardhana Hill at his original place, and blessed the hill for giving shelter to all the Yadavas for a few days during the heavy rain.

Mountains are the holy creations of the god, and they are not to be considered as just a material made up of sand and stone. They are the worshipful deities, and Lord Govardhana is one among the holy mountain gods. By worshipping Lord Govardhana we would get a strong body similar to the rock, and we would also get a sound mind.