Hanuman Temple At Gerugambakkam


Hanuam Temple - Gerugambakkam



Actor Arjun had constructed a new Hanuman temple in Gerugambakkam, Chennai, and a huge size of Lord Anjaneya statue is installed in the Hanuman Temple. The statue of Hanuman is very attractive, and he is in the form of sitting and in meditation posture, he blesses all the people, and especially those who sincerely chant the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM”.

At last, after a long span of 17 years, finally Actor Arjun’s dream was fulfilled by building a wonderful temple for Lord Hanuman. The holy sand was brought from Ayodhya, and it was used while building the temple. With a single stone weighing about 180 tons, the 28 feet height and 17 feet breath of Hanuman statue was installed in the temple. The stone was brought from a village at Karnataka, and after much painstaking efforts of the Actor, finally the stone had reached his garden, and the temple is also constructed. The size of the temple is big, and it is constructed at the own garden of Arjun. The consecration ceremony was held at the temple on 01.07.2021.

Actor Arjun has inaugurated the beautiful temple in Chennai in the presence of his family members, but only some of his close relatives and friends were participated in the occasion, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. But however a Video was released by Actor Arjun about the temple inauguration ceremony, for the benefit of the general public. Lot of Hanuman devotees are very much interested to visit this wonderful temple of Lord Hanuman.

Arjun is a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman, and he also played the role of the god, in the picture Sri Anjaneyam, and after seeing the film, the audiences have highly appreciated the talents of Arjun.

Lord Hanuman is a Chiranjeevi, an immortal one, who is still living at a cave in the Holy Mountain Himalayas, by chanting the Rama Mantra. As per the boon of Lord Brahma, after the completion of this Kali Yuga, he would become the next Brahma, and he would wonderfully discharge his creation work with the blessings of Lord Rama.

Let us congratulate actor Arjun, and praise him for his great bhakti on Hanuman and for building a wonderful  temple for Lord Hanuman.