Karukathamman Temple, Chetpet, Chennai

Karukathamman Temple, Chetpet, Chennai



There is a famous temple dedicated for Amman in Chennai, which is known as Karukathamman Temple, which means protecting the child even when it stays in the womb of its Mother, and address of the temple is: No.130, M.C. Nicholas Road, M.S. Nagar, Chetpet, Chennai – 600031. Though the temple is small in size, but the deity present in the temple contains great powers enough to fulfil our wishes.

Pregnant ladies used to visit this temple in order to give birth to a healthy child, and those who are newly married and interested to give birth to a child in future should visit this temple, in order to seek blessings from our holy Amman. The Tamil word, Amma, is derived from the word Amman only, which means the divine mother acts as our own mother, and shows great love and affection on us.

We can also pray to this Amman for getting all sorts of prosperity in our life. During the Tamil month of Aadi and also on festivals like Vijayadasami, Deepavali, Pongal, English and Tamil New Year days, we can find heavy rush in the temple. Some devotees after visiting this temple, found good changes in their lives, and those who visit this temple, would lead a peaceful and a happy married life, without having any family problems in their life. Nowadays due to changes in life style, lot of couples are getting separated from each other, and some couples are also opting for divorces. In order to avoid such things, those couples must have to visit this temple and must pray whole heartedly to the holy Amman, in order to get better understanding with each other, and also to find proper solutions to their problems. (treerush)

We can also worship Ma Karukathamman by chanting the following Mantra:

Oh our holy mother Karukathamma, we offer our humble salutations to you, and accept our Prasad items. You are the good of all good, and contain great beauty. Please protect us from dangers and be with us throughout our life.

Oh our affectionate mother Karukathamma, we offer our humble salutations to you, you are the one who creates, protects and destroys the universe. You have been called by various names like Gauri, Shankari, Sambavi, Durga and Parameswari. Please give us good health, sufficient wealth and all kinds of prosperity in our life.

Oh my Dear mother Karukathammane, I offer my humble salutations to you, you are present in each and every thing contained in the universe, and hence you are called as “AKILANDESWARI”. Please forgive our sins, and make us to attain your worshipful lotus feet.

Oh my beloved mother, Ma Karukathammane, Please grant me a pious child, and make it to become your devotee. Please extend your grace to all the supressed and the depressed people in the earth, since you act as the lovely mother for all the living beings in the earth and also in the heaven.