Ma Radha Rani Temple At Barsana, Uttar Pradesh




Ma Radha Rani is the pure devotee of Lord Krishna, and she loved Lord Krishna very much, which cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes due to his thoughts, she used to forget about herself and about the surroundings. She can be considered even superior to the wives of Lord Krishna with regard to her devotion, love and affection on him. Radha and Krishna came to know each other, since their fathers were close friends.

There is a beautiful Temple dedicated to Ma Radha Rani and this wonderful temple is located in Barsana in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, and the place Barsana is believed to be the birth place of Ma Radha Rani. The main deities present in this temple are Lord Krishna and Ma Radha Rani. This wonderful temple would be crowded during Radhastami, Gokulashtami, Deepavali and Holi festival days.

Radha Rani Temple is believed to be constructed by King Vajranabh who was the great-grandson of Krishna before 5000 years ago. This temple was subsequently renovated and repaired by the ancient kings.

This temple is very good in art and architecture, and we can find the beautiful paintings of Ma Radha Rani and Bhagavan Krishna inside the temple.

For reaching the temple, we have to climb hundreds of steps. We can see some more small temples which are situated nearby this temple.

Radhashtami and Sri Krishna Janmashtami are the main festivals celebrated at Radha Rani temple. During the festival days, the temple would be decorated with flowers and bright lights would be lighted as a part of festival celebration. The appearance of the deities looks very beautiful by wearing new clothes and golden ornaments. After performing puja, delicious sweet items would be offered to Radha and Krishna and later it would be distributed amongst the devotees as “HOLY PRASAD” to them.

The temple would be kept opened between 5 am to 9 pm, and devotees can visit this holy temple in order to get the divine bliss of Ma Radha Rani and Bhagavan Krishna.

The address of the temple is Radha Bagh Marg, BarsanaUttar Pradesh 281405.