Maa Aparna


Karota Shakthi Peeth is the place where Devi Sati’s left anklet (ornament) fell. Here Devi is worshipped as Aparna or Arpana (one who ate nothing) and Lord Shiva as Bairabha (destroyer of fear).


The Shakthi Peetha is located at Bhawanipur village Bogura District Sherpur Thana, Bangaldesh. The temple is about 28 km from Sherpur. There are good bus services that ply from Natore via Nulkamod and Chandaikona to the temple. The temple is sanctified with the flowing of the Karatoya River. Devotees who visit the temple take a dip in the holy river. The river is revered as sacred as the River Ganga.

Karota Shakthi Peeth has healing powers for skin related ailments.

The Temple

Shakha –Pukur, a holy pond in Bhabanipur village is considered as Shakthi Peeth. The temple was demolished by Combined Armed Forces of Bangladesh as unauthorised structure. However “Bhabhanipur Temple Renovation Development and Management Committee” has been established for undertaking the renovation and maintenance of the temple.  There is no idol of Maa Aparna in the temple.  An image of Kali is installed at the temple. The king of Nator and his grandson Maharaja Ramakrishna used to meditate here. There are five skulls and Yogakunda found at the temple.

Festivals and Fairs

Navaratri is celebrated in Ashwija masa (Sep- Oct). Special pujas and Yagnas are held during Navaratri. Other festivals celebrated are Deepavali and Ram Navami. A mela is celebrated in the month of Baishaka, according to Bengali calendar.