Maa Jashoreshwari


Maa Jashoreshwari Shakthi Peeth is the place where Devi Sati’s Palms and soles of the feet fell. Here Devi is worshipped as Maa Jashoreshwari and Lord Shiva as Chand. The temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. Jashoreshwari gets its name from the city “Jessore”.


Jashoreshwari temple is located in Ishwaripur, a village in Shyamnagar upazilla of Satkhira., Bangladesh.


Jashoreshwari temple is an ancient temple built in the 15th Century by Maharajah Pratapaditya of Jessore. Maharajah Pratapaditya discovered a luminant ray of light emanating from the bushes. Then he went in search of the light and found a piece in the form of human palm carved out of stone. Later the Maharajah started worshipping goddess Kali and built a temple for Jashoreshwari devi.

There is also another belief that the temple was built by a Brahman, named Anari. A 100 door temple was created by the Brahman for Jashoreshwari devi. The temple was later renovated by Laxman Sen and Maharajah Pratapaditya during their rule. There is a large rectangular covered platform known as Natmandir adjacent to the main temple from where the goddess can be seen. Natmandir was later renovated by Laxman Sen in the late 13th century. The temple is in a dilapidated condition due to onslaughts by Muslim rulers.


Prior to 1971, puja was offered to devi daily. However, as the temple is in a dilapidated condition, the priest does puja on every Tuesday and Saturday at noon.

Festivals and Fairs

Kali puja is celebrated during Navaratri in Ashwija Masa. A fair is also held around the same time in the temple complex.