Ma Tungabadra Devi Namavali


The Tungabadra River is a holy river that emerge from Karnataka and flows through Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. During the Treta Yuga, this sacred Tungabhadra River was called as River Pampa, and Lord Rama had stayed nearby this River and took rest for some time.

According to ancient legend, after killing of the demon Hiranyaksha, Lord Varaha Swamy took rest for some time on a holy mountain. During that time, due to tiredness sweat began to pour from his body, and it becomes the present day Tungabadra River. There are lot of holy places on the banks of River Tungabadra, like Sringeri, Sarada Peetham which was founded by Shankara, and Nava Brindavan, the Samadhi of nine pious Madhva saints is located near the Tunga Bhadra River. And also in the banks of the holy Tungabadra, Manthralayam Sree Raghavendra Swamy Mutt is situated and it is located in Kurnool District at Andhra Pradesh. In India, there are lot of holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Tungabadra and Kaveri.

In order to sanctify Ma Tungabadra, we can recite her 108 beautiful names as mentioned below:-

  1. Om Tungalindyai namah
  2. Om TungaYamunaGanga Devi namah
  3. Om Soundaravalliye namah
  4. Om Akilendeswariye namah
  5. Om Haripriyayai namah
  6. Om Shivapriyayai namah
  7. Om Alankarapriyai namah
  8. Om Punyanadhiye namah
  9. Om Kuladevathaiyai namah
  10. Om Karunadeviyai namah
  11. Om krsnayai namah
  12. Om krsnarupayai namah
  13. Om sanatanyai namah
  14. Om krsnavamamsasambhutayai namah
  15. Om paramanandarupinyai namah
  16. Om golokavasinyai namah
  17. Om syamayai namah
  18. Om vrndavanavinodinyai namah
  19. Om radhasakhyai namah
  20. Om rasalilayai namah
  21. Om rasamandalamanditayai namah
  22. Om nikunjamadhavivalyai namah
  23. Om rangavallyai namah
  24. Om manoharayai namah
  25. Om srirasamandalibhutayai namah
  26. Om yuthibhutayai namah
  27. Om Devipriyayai namah
  28. Om golokatatinyai namah
  29. Om divyayai namah
  30. Om nikunjatalavasinyai namah
  31. Om dirghormivegagambhirayai namah
  32. Om puspapallavavasinyai namah
  33. Om ghanasyamayai namah
  34. Om meghamalayai namah
  35. Om balakayai namah
  36. Om padmamalinyai namah
  37. Om paripurnatamayai namah
  38. Om purnayai namah
  39. Om purnabrahmapriyayai namah
  40. Om parayai namah
  41. Om mahavegavatyai namah
  42. Om saksannikunjadvaranirgatayai namah
  43. Om mahanadyai namah
  44. Om mandagatyai namah
  45. Om virajayai namah
  46. Om vegabhedinyai namah
  47. Om anekabrahmandagatayai namah
  48. Om brahmadravasamayai namah
  49. Om akulayai namah
  50. Om Sarvesvaryai namah
  51. Om misrayai namah
  52. Om nirjalabhayai namah
  53. Om nirmalayai namah
  54. Om saritam varayai namah
  55. Om ratnabaddhobhayatatayai namah
  56. Om hamsapadmayai nadyai namah
  57. Om nirmalapaniyayai namah
  58. Om sarvabrahmandapavanyai namah
  59. Om vaikunthaparikhibhutayai namah
  60. Om parikhayai namah
  61. Om papaharinyai namah
  62. Om brahmalokagatayai namah
  63. Om brahmyai namah
  64. Om svargayai namah
  65. Om svarganivasinyai namah
  66. Om ullasantyai namah
  67. Om protpatantyai namah
  68. Om merumalayai namah
  69. Om mahojjvalayai namah
  70. Om srigangayai namah
  71. Om ambhase sikharinyai namah
  72. Om gandasailavibhedinyai namah
  73. Om desanpunantyai namah
  74. Om gacchantyai namah
  75. Om mahatyai namah
  76. Om bhumimadhyagayai namah
  77. Om martandatanujayai namah
  78. Om punyayai namah
  79. Om kalindagirinandinyai namah
  80. Om yamasvasre namah
  81. Om mandahasayai namah
  82. Om sudvijayai namah
  83. Om racitambarayai namah
  84. Om nilambarayai namah
  85. Om padmamukhyai namah
  86. Om carantyai namah
  87. Om carudarsanayai namah
  88. Om rambhorave namah
  89. Om padmanayanayai namah
  90. Om madhavyai namah
  91. Om pramadottamayai namah
  92. Om tapascarantyai namah
  93. Om susronyai namah
  94. Om kujannupuramekhalayai namah
  95. Om jalasthitayai namah
  96. Om syamalangyai namah
  97. Om khandavabhayai namah
  98. Om viharinyai namah
  99. Om gandivibhasinyai namah
  100. Om vanyayai namah
  101. Om srikrsnambaramicchatyai namah
  102. Om dvarakagamanayai namah
  103. Om rajnyai namah
  104. Om pattarajnyai namah
  105. Om parangatayai namah
  106. Om maharajnyai namah
  107. Om ratnabhusayai namah
  108. Om gomatitiracarinyai namah