Shrinkala Devi


Shrinkala Devi temple is one of the Ashta Dasha Shakthi Peetas. Here Devi Sati is worshipped as Shirnkala or Shrinkula. Devi Sati’s stomach had fallen here.


Shrinkala Devi temple is located in Pandua, Hoogly district, West Bengal. Pandua is 66 kms from Howrah railway station. It is also believed that the temple is in Sringeri, Karnataka. There is also another temple dedicated to Hanseshwari Devi near Shrinkala temple.

About the temple

At present there is no temple in Pandua. During Muslim rulers’ invasion, the temple was destroyed and in its place a Minar is built. The entry to the temple is barred for security reasons. The temple is maintained by the Archaeological survey of India. There are remnants of the existence of a temple earlier.

Puranic Reference

The temple is built by Sage Rhusya Shrunga. He was a great devotee of Shrinkala Devi.


During Magha masa, (Feb- March), a Mela – Taala is held in front of the Minar for thirty days. People from all religions, nearly a lakh participate in the Mela.