Sri Raghavendra Swamy Temple At Thiruvannamalai Girivalam Path

Guru Raghavendra




There is a popular Temple for Guru Raghavendra which is located at the Girivalam Path of the sacred place Thiruvannamalai. Devotees those who perform Girivalam during Pournami and on other auspicious days, would visit this temple also, in order to have a glimpse of the holy Guru Raghavendra. Nearby this temple, a Hanuman Temple is also situated. This temple is also called as Jaya Guru Raghavendra Temple, which means the holy Guru Raghavendra would bring sure success in the lives of his devotees.

It is believed that before few centuries, Guru Raghavendra had visited this sacred place, and meditated here for some time. Due to that, the Devotees of Guru Raghavendra have constructed this temple, along with the help of the noble philanthropists and with the help of the devotees of Guru Raghavendra. It is better to visit this temple during the night time of Pournami days, since during that time, Guru Raghavendra shines brightly like that of a full moon. Devotees used to circumambulate this temple for several times, and it is suggested to circumambulate this holy temple at least for 48 times.

I have also visited this temple, during my stay at Thiruvannamalai, and I had the nice darshan of Guru Raja during Pournami Days. Annual Festivals like Guru Poornima and Raghavendra Aradhana festivals are celebrated grandly, and during the time of Aradhana of Guru Raghavendra, free food is offered to all the devotees at the premises of this temple.

At this present period, most of the people in the earth are suffering from lot of problems in their lives, and they are also trying to find solutions to their problems. In order to reduce the quantum of our problems, it is suggested to worship Guru Raghavendra sincerely, by the way of meditating, watching the videos of Temples of Guru Raghavendra in YouTube Channels, visiting his holy temples, discussing about the significance of Guru Raghavendra with our friends, well-wishers and relatives, reading about the life history of Guru Raghavendra written by the famous authors like Amman Sathyanathan, doing Sankalpa Seva, Annadana Seva, Vastra Seva, Goseva at Mantralayam and also in various other Raghavendra Mutts.