Sri Vigneshwara temple, Pune



Lord Vinayaka, who is also known as Lord Vigneshwara, removes the obstacles in the lives of his devotees. He also gives good wisdom, knowledge and courage to his devotees, and he would prosper their lives. There is a famous Vigneshwara Temple at Pune, and it is one of the Ashta Vinayaka Temples of Maharashtra.

This temple is famously worshipped by the devotees, since in this temple, Lord Vigneshwara even slightly changes the fate of his sincere devotees, and removes the thorns on their path. As per legend, once when Lord Indra was cursed by Rishi Goutama for causing harm to his consort Ma Ahalya, he had hidden in a lotus flower in a pond, by taking a small shape. Later as per the advice of Rishi Narada, Lord Indra came to the present place of Sri Vigneshwara Temple at Pune, sincerely worshipped Lord Vinayaka, and he also installed a deity of Vinayaka using mud, and also decorated him with flowers and flower garlands. Due to his sincerity, Lord Vinayaka was pleased, and relieved him from his curse, and also made him to occupy his seat in the Indra Loka. After several years, the idol made out of mud was destroyed, and at present a self-emanated idol is present in the shrine, and here Lord Vigneshwara can be seen along with his consorts, Ma Siddhi and Ma Buddhi, and he is also called as “KALYANA VIGNESHWARA”. Those who are unmarried and willing to get married soon, can visit this popular temple of Vigneshwara and they can offer their worship to the elephant god, by performing puja, abhishekham and  they also can break 108 coconuts at this temple, in order to glorify Lord Vigneshwara.

Since the great Lord Indra himself worshipped Lord Vigneshwara at this temple, this temple is also previously called as “INDRA VIGNESHWARA TEMPLE”. Ancient Pune kings used to worship Lord Vigneshwara at this temple before going to the battle field. Many saints and Bhagavatas have visited this wonderful temple, sanctified the Lord by singing wonderful songs on him.