Sugandha Shakthi Peeta


Sugandha, a Shakthi Peeta is dedicated to Goddess Sunanada (Pleasing). The nose of Sati (Devi) is said to have fallen here. Lord Shiva or Bhairav is worshipped as Triambak


Sugandha temple is located in the village of Shikarpur, 10 miles north of Barisal, Bangladesh. The Bhairav’s temple is located in Ponabali, south of Jhalkati rail station. Lord Trimbak’s temple is about 5 miles from the Jhalkati railway station. Ponabali is nearby village Shamrail situated on the banks of river Sunanda. The shadow image of the temple, in the water is a wonderful view. The place is well connected by all modes of transport. Good local transport from Barisal and proximity to the highway helps visitors/pilgrims reach the temple easily. However, it takes about 4 -5 hours from Barisal to reach the temple. For Indians, West Bengal is the closest location to the temple. After taking travel visa, people can visit the temple with the help of local travel agents who arrange travel, accommodation and the like.


This is one of the ancient temples of India. There is no particular history about the temple. The temple is a stone structure with the statues of gods and goddesses sculpted on the outer walls.

Festivals and Rituals

Shiva-chaturdasi, 14th moon during the month of March is the main festival celebrated in this temple. A large number of devotees throng here during this festival.

Special celebrations and rituals are held during Navaratri