Bhomiaji Maharaj Temle



Lord Bhomiaji is an ancient god and he is worshipped by the village people in Rajasthan as the protector of land, and also as the protector of cows. There is an ancient temple of lord Bhomiaji, and it is located in Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This temple was repaired and renovated during the year 1990. Lord Bhomiaji is believed to be an AMSHA of Lord Shiva.

During the time of Muslim invasion on 9th century AD, it was the great Lord Bhomiaji, who protected the people in Rajasthan, and also safeguarded their cows, when the Muslim soldiers tried to kill the poor animals for their feast. He appeared in the form of a huge tiger, and chased those Mughal armies from Rajasthan. Due to the fear in their minds, the Mughals didn’t turn back again.

He also protected the farm lands of the poor farmers from earth quakes and storms, and acted as an affectionate mother for those people.

Similar to other village deities, ancient village people used to sing songs in his praise during festival times.

Some of the verses from the songs are as follows:-1. Oh! The great Lord Bhomiaji! You are the master for us, and we are all your humble servants. Whatever orders you give to us, we are ready to follow it obediently.

  1. Oh! Father Bhomiaji! You are our divine saviour, and your names and glories are filled in our each and every word.
  2. By singing glorious songs on you, we are getting great spiritual pleasure.
  3. Oh! Bhomiaji! You are the divine incarnation of Lord Shiva, and by uttering your name we can please Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati also.
  4. Oh! Lord, I am able to run my daily life only through your blessings. Please don’t leave me alone, and come with me throughout my life like my shadow.