Chhatarpur Temple

Chhatarpur Mandir is completely a marvel of architecture, where gravel happens to disseminate sonnet. Chhatarpur Temple is placed on Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road, in South Delhi.

The temple is effortlessly susceptible by automobiles, vehicles, metro and taxis from the population. This marvellous temple is accredited for existing the second vastest temple of India. In truth, it was the vastest temple (India) before the composition of Akshardham Temple (Delhi) in 2005.
Positioned in Delhi, Chhatrapur Mandir is one of the vastly outstanding temples of India. Chhatarpur Temple was created by Swami Nagpal Maharaj, who was an enormous proponent of Goddess Durga. The mythology evacuated this corporeal nation in the current years. Assembled in white marble, the fundamental monument is committed to Goddess Katyayani (a configuration of Durga). The central characteristic about this temple is that its construction doesn’t maintain any end.

Architecture of Chhatarpur Temple

The hierarchy of this temple provides the tinge of South Indian technique of architecture. Stretching over a huge region of territory, Chhatarpur Mandir comprises numerous configurations that are bestowed increase to several activities. In the temple complex, there are beautiful gardens and lawns that vacate a comforting consequence on the selves of the supporters.

The carvings of this temple are certainly worth appreciating. The enormous extent of the temple web establishes an impression of amazement. The wonderful architecture of the temple is captioned by a terrific design of marble and intricately-carved jaalis. It is furthermore counted among the ancestry sites of South Delhi.

Circulate over a region of approximately 70 acres, the temple accentuates distinct as well as budgeted regions committed to each God allocated into three networks. There are fascinating icons of God like Katyayani, Laxmi-Ganesh, Shiva-Parvati, and Hanuman.

To bystander the spiritual fervour, tour the temple during the Hindu celebrations of Dussehra, Mahashivratri and Janmashtami when outstanding pujas and imperial festivities are carried.

Thousands of supporters compile here during these periods, with flavorful prasad prevailing capable on an enormous scale, two aspects of Goddess Durga are celebrated. One shrine is devoted to Maha Gauri (feature of Durga), which is unlocked for ‘darshan’ every day. Following monument is committed to Goddess Katyayani, whose ‘darshan’ can be benefited barely on ‘Ashtami’ plummeting in every month.

Oppositely, the ‘darshan’ of Goddess Katyayani can be earned throughout the days of ‘Navratri’. The bright impression of Katyayani entices the scrutiny of proponents with its enormous extent and sheer divinity.

The impression of Katyayani Devi is positioned in a big auditorium, which can furthermore be attained from the foyer of devotions. The gilded portrayal of Goddess Katyayani is constantly decorated in prosperous costume, knocking jewellery and an enormous bouquet of blossoms.

During the moment of Navratri, the temple is flocked by thousands of cultures. To supervision extremely enormous populace of enthusiasts, serpentine lines are compelled varying in kilometres. Countless safety guards are protected to organize the functioning of queues.

Most valued features of Chhatarpur Temple

Close to the statue of Katyayani Devi, there are two compartments that are implied to Goddess’ cabins. One compartment is given rise to as the residence room with pieces of furniture and stools prepared in silver. The supplementary room is registered as the ‘Shayan Kaksha’ (Bed Room), where a bed, outfitting table and furniture are excavated in silver.

The imperial manifestation of the rooms, bring one to contemplate over the manifestation of heaven.

Inward the intricate, there are numerous statues that are committed to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Radha-Krishna and Lord Rama respectively. Distant from the statues, an enormous configuration has been established where ‘Bhandara’ (Food is requested to people) is administered on a customary rationale. Nearly for 24 hours, numerous sacred blessings and sermons are clenched in the temple.

On the major foyer, there is a historical tree that is coated with sacred cords. People standoff knits or bangles to this tree with the assumption that their desires would be fulfilled.

During the jovial festivities of Navratri, thousands of supporters appear to attend this temple of Chhatarpur. Concisely, Chhatarpur Mandir is a significant temple, unravelling the spiritual bequest of India.

Pilgrimages and deities

Almost outside the foyer where the statue of deity Katyayani is has been assembled a conventional; space or the occupancy region for the nine deities. In this house are hung two spiritual portraits of Mother Goddess that indicate her as the Universal Mother and Queen with her stares glimpsing everything and her seeds dissipate throughout.

Following to the baithak lies the queen-size compartment of the goddess captioning a silver bed suit for a goddess, a piece of silver condiment furniture, jewels, maquillage, a blade and different equipment. Access to these religious halls is exclusive for the pilgrims and they are authorized to observe them through an understandable tumbler wall.

In the enclosure of the temple is a religious peepal tree where civilization link fibres for wish fulfilment. In the contiguous temple network, there is an enormous cellar room where supporters and pilgrims are nourished tasty feasts from the temple kitchen. Subsidies for the langar are abjectly ratified by the temple councils.

The temple furthermore gives outstanding capacities for delivering poojas extremely as Maha Mrityunjay Japa, Ramayan Path, Rudrabhishek, Durga Saptashati Path, Sunderkand Path etc. by assigning the temple priests for a pre-fixed fee.

Chhatarpur Temple Timings
Katyayani Mandir timings are identical to that of distinct shaktipeeths in India. The temple unlocks for maha aarti before day break from 5. AM and shuts after 10. PM.

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