Sri Chowdeshwari Devi is an incarnation of Mata Parvati. Her other names are Banashankari and Soodambika. She is the Kula Devi of the Devanga sect of people.

According to ancient puranas, Sage Devala, was the chief of the Devanga community. He contains the features of Lord Shiva and was born in the earth in order to introduce the professions of making clothes and weaving for the benefit of the people. Once, Devala was attacked by fierce demons. Devala prayed to Mata Shakti to protect him. Shakti appeared in front of him and killed the demons. After killing the demons, Mata Shakti was awarded the name Chowdeshwari Devi and she advised Devala to worship her during every Amavasya.

Devala went to Himalayas and wove new clothes and given them to the divine gods in the heaven and to the people in the earth. He married Lord Surya’s sister, and also married Lord Aadhi shesha‘s daughter.

Devanga people worship Mata Parvati in the form of Chowdeshwari Amman. People of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala worship Chowdeshwari amman with sincere devotion in their mind.  Nepali Devanga people worship her in the form of Komalangi Devi.


  1. Devanga new year
  2. Chaitra Suddha Panchami
  3. AshadhaAmavasya
  4. Devanga Janivara
  5. Jagajathara Dhoddabba
  6. Sankranti
  7. Diwali
  8. Janmastami
  9. Ramnavami


  1. Sri Ramalinga Sowdeshwari Amman at Hampi, Karnataka
  2. Mata Sowdeswari Devi temple in Dharapuram
  3. Sowdeswari Amman temples in Tamil Nadu
  4. Sowdeswari Amman temples in Karnataka
  5. Sowdeswari Amman temple in Kerala
  6. Komalangi Devi temple in Nepal


Mata Choudeshwari Amman will destroy the evil forces which occupies in our mind and body, and make us into a good and knowledgeable person. By sincerely worshipping her, she will act as a care taker and an affectionate mother, and we can tell our problems to her. Whatever problems we have, she will know that, and give proper remedy to us in a suitable time.

We have to wait for our bad karmas to get lost. Then through the grace of Mata Chowdeshwari, our life will blossom like a lotus flower. Being the holy and kind mother, she is having the capacity to slightly change our fate also, and gives us all the prospects in our life. She will remove our diseases and mind related problems and come with us in our every moment of life.

Let us worship the divine mother and chant her glory.