Lord Yama Temple



Lord Yama is the god of death, and only a few temples are dedicated to him. Among those temples, there is a famous temple for Lord Yama, and it is situated at Thiruchitrambalam in Thanjavur district. The chief deity of the temple is Lord Yama, and apart from his deity, deities of various demi gods and goddesses like Veeranar, Chitragupta, Ayyanar, Rakkachi and Karuppu Sami are also present in the temple.

According to ancient legend, once Lord Manmatha, the love god, was burnt into ashes by Lord Shiva near the present place of this temple. Then, as per the request of Lord Yama, Manmatha was brought back to life by Lord Shiva, and he began to discharge his duties in an excellent manner.

Each and every one of us would be having fear of death in our mind. By praying to Lord Yama, and by worshipping him at this holy temple, we would be relieved from our death fear, and we would get a healthy body and a sound mind.

Though this is a small temple, devotees would gather in large numbers during Saturdays and Sundays. Since Lord Yama is the brother of Lord Shani and the son of Lord Surya, worshipping him during Saturdays and Sundays by chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra would please him, and would give boons to us. Those who suffer from ill effects of planetary positions, from black magic and from enemy related problems are advised to worship the great Lord Yama Bhagavan at this temple, by performing puja to him.

Actually Lord Yama is also a humble god only, but since he has been assigned the duty to take away our lives and to give punishment for our bad deeds, he is doing that properly. He would never give wrong judgement for anyone, and also we cannot escape from his punishment. If we worship him sincerely and wholeheartedly, the severity of the punishment would be reduced to a certain extent. And he always goes in the path of righteousness.

Let us praise Lord Yama Bhagavan and be blessed.






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