Vindyavasini is one of the various names of the goddess Durga. She gets the name of Vindyavasini, since she resides in Vindyachal.  Her temple is located at Vindyachal, on the banks of river Ganges, in Uttar Pradesh.    According to various puranas, it was stated that goddess durga took the avatar of Vindyavasini in order to kill the demon Mahishasura.

Another famous temple is located in Bandla, Himachal Pradesh also called Bandla Mata Temple. It is surrounded with full of natural beauty and vegetation and it attracts a large number of devotees from all parts of india, in order to get the blessings from the divine holy mother “MAA VINDYAVASINI DEVI”.

As per the instruction of Lord Vishnu, Vasudev had replaced Krishna with the girl child of Yashoda. When Kamsa tried to kill the girl child, she escaped from Kamsa and turned into the form of Durga Devi and informed him that the killer of kamsa was already born at Mathura. After that, she has chosen to reside in the Vindhyachal mountains and her temple is located at that place.

She has chosen the place, since the place was very calm and a holy place with full of beauty.

The temple is also one of the Shakti Peethas of India.      She is also called as Kajala devi. She is the divine incarnation of goddess durga.

During Navarathiri festival, large number of people will visit the temple, and offer their prayers to the goddess, and they will also do abhishekam and various pujas to the goddess in order to get her blessings.

There is also a temple of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Kali nearby the vindyachal temple.

One temple dedicated to Mata Vindyavasini is located in Nepal.


She is a very powerful goddess and was worshipped by her devotees throughout the year. She gives all the good fortunes, removes the sins and reduces the ill effects caused by the planets, and also cures the diseases of the devotees.

By reciting the mantra of Vindyavasini, we will get better results in our life, and attain happiness and all prosperity in our life.

She has taken the avatar of Vindyavasini in order to safeguard us from the evil effects of KALI YUGA. By worshipping her, we will get physical and mental relaxation in our mind and body, and will be able to move towards the spiritual path. We will be blessed by her and we will be start doing right things in our life.

Let us visit the holy temple of the goddess at Vindyachal at least once in our life time and be blessed.