Vidyadevi is the famous Peetha of Mathura. This Goddess is also known as Goddess Banarasa. Some people correlate this Shakti Peetha with that of Vrundavan. Vrundavan is the place included in the list of Shakti Peetha where the hair of Sati fell. Vrundavan and Mathura are places very close to each other. So previously, may be the original Shakti Peetha was in the middle of modern Vrundavan and Mathura.

Legend of the Temple

Anciently there was a demon namely Madhu who was ruling in the region of Mathura. He was egoistic due to his might. Hence he invited Lord Shree Rama for a war. Lord Rama sent his brother Shatrughna to fight with him. Shatrughna defeated Madhu and his son namely Lavanasura. Hence this city got the name Mathura. Vidyadevi is identified as an important Shakti Peetha of this place.

Local legend points out to the prison of Kansa where Krishna’s mother and father were imprisoned. It is a hill area and goes by the name of Devikota or Keshavatika. These two names refer to Shakti Peetha that is ‘place of Goddess’ and ‘place of hair’.

Temple of the Deity

The famous Goddess of Mathura Peetha is known as Vidyadevi. Her temple is located on a small hillock in the city. This is the only place in India dedicated to Goddess Vidyadevi. The idol of the goddess Vidyadevi in the temple is very big. Her eyes are very sharp and lustrous. Holi is a special festival celebrated in this place.